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Contributed Papers

Testing for the Presence of Scale Drift: An Example PDF
Michela Battauz
Robust Reduced K-Means and Factorial K-Means by trimming PDF
Luca Greco, Antonio Lucadamo, Pietro Amenta
Reversibility and (non)linearity in time series PDF
Margherita Gerolimetto
The Transition to Motherhood among British Young Women: Does housing tenure play a role? PDF
Valentina Tocchioni, Ann Berrington, Daniele Vignoli, Agnese Vitali
Tree-based Semi-supervised Clustering DOC
Claudio Conversano, Giulia Contu, Luca Frigau, Francesco Mola
Can a neighbour region influence poverty? A fuzzy and longitudinal approach PDF
Gianni Betti
A longitudinal analysis of the degree of accomplishment of anti-corruption measures by Italian municipalities: a latent Markov approach PDF
Simone Del Sarto, Michela Gnaldi, Francesco Bartolucci
Economic Uncertainty and Fertility: a Meta-Analysis of European Research Findings DOC
Giammarco Alderotti, Daniele Vignoli, Michela Baccini
The impact of economic development on fertility: a complexity approach in a cross-country analysis DOC
Niccolò Innocenti, Daniele Vignoli, Luciana Lazzeretti
On the estimation of epidemiological parameters from serological survey data using Bayesian mixture modelling DOC
Emanuele Del Fava, Piero Manfredi, Ziv Shkedy
Non-communicable diseases, socio-economic status, lifestyle and well-being in Italy: An additive Bayesian network model PDF
Laura Maniscalco, Domenica Matranga
Intentions to leave Italy or to stay among foreigners: what factors for different migration projects? PDF
Paola Muccitelli, Ginevra Di Giorgio, Francesca Dota, Daniele Spizzichino
A note on the effects of human capital policies in Italy during the Great Recession PDF
Paolo Di Caro
The relationship between health care expenditures and time to death: focus on myocardial infarction patients PDF
Luca Grassetti, Laura Rizzi
Weight-based discrimination in the Italian Labor Market: how do ethnicity and gender interact? DOC
Giovanni Busetta, Maria Gabriella Campolo, Demetrio Panarello
Mortality trends in Sardinia 1992-2015: an ecological study DOC
Vanessa Santos Sanchez, Gabriele Ruiu, Marco Breschi, Lucia Pozzi
Where the Current Age Structure is Heading XML
Gustavo De Santis, Giambattista Salinari
Is retirement bad for health? A matching approach PDF
Elena Pirani, Marina Ballerini, Alessandra Mattei, Gustavo De Santis
A gender inequality assessment by means of the Gini index decomposition PDF
Michele Costa
Fertility Drain or Fertility Gain? The Effect of Emigration on Fertility in Italian Municipalities during the Great Recession DOC
Nicoletta Balbo
Analysis of dropout in engineering BSc using logistic mixed-effect models PDF
Luca Fontana, Anna Maria Paganoni
Modelling insurance losses via contaminated unimodal distributions PDF
Salvatore Daniele Tomarchio
Depth-based portfolio selection PDF
Giuseppe Pandolfo, Carmela Iorio, Antonio D'Ambrosio
The emergency department utilisation among the immigrant population resident in Rome from 2005 to 2015 DOC
Eleonora Trappolini, Laura Cacciani, Claudia Marino, Cristina Giudici, Nera Agabiti, Marina Davoli
Detection of damage in civil engineering structure by PCA on environmental vibration data DOC
Gianna Agrò, Valentina Carlisi, Roberta Mantione
Multipurpose optimal designs for hypothesis testing in normal response trials PDF
Marco Novelli, Maroussa Zagoraiou
Indefinite Topological Kernels ZIP
Tullia Padellini, Pierpaolo Brutti
Design-based mapping in environmental surveys PDF
Caterina Pisani
Statistical matching by Bayesian Networks PDF
Daniela Marella, Paola Vicard, Vincenzina Vitale
Multi-State model with nonparametric discrete frailty PDF
Francesca Gasperoni, Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni, Chris Jackson, Linda Sharples
Simultaneous calibrated prediction intervals for time series PDF
Giovanni Fonseca, Federica Giummolè, Paolo Vidoni
Heterogeneous effects of subsidies on farms’ performance: a spatial quantile regression analysis DOC
Marusca De Castris
A comparative study of benchmarking procedures for interrater and intrarater agreement studies PDF
Amalia Vanacore, Maria Sole Pellegrino
Testing the Learning-by-Exporting at Micro-Level in light of influence of “Statistical Issues†and Macroeconomic Factors PDF
Marzia Freo, Maria Ferrante
Comparison of exact and approximate simultaneous confidence regions in nonlinear regression models PDF
Claudia Furlan, Cinzia Mortarino
A Probabilistic Cohort-Component Model for Population Forecasting – The Case of Germany XML
Patrizio Vanella, Philipp Deschermeier
A Functional Urn Model for CARA Designs PDF
William Rosenberger
PC Algorithm for Gaussian Copula Data Untitled
Vincenzina Vitale, Paola Vicard
Posterior distributions with non explicit objective priors PDF
Erlis Ruli, Nicola Sartori, Laura Ventura
HPC-accelerated Approximate Bayesian Computation for Biological Science Untitled
Ritabrata Dutta
Using Almost-Dynamic Bayesian Networks to Represent Uncertainty in Complex Epidemiological Models: a Proposal PDF
Sabina Marchetti
Sparse Nonparametric Dynamic Graphical Models PDF
Fabrizio Poggioni, Mauro Bernardi, Lea Petrella
Approximate Bayesian Computation for Forecasting in Hydrological models PDF
jonathan Romero, Antonino Abbruzzo, Giada Adelfio, Félix Francés
Bayesian Support Vector Machine Quantile Regression PDF
Andrea Sottosanti, Mauro Bernardi, Emanuele Degani
A test for variable importance PDF
Rosaria Simone
Well-being indices: what about Italian scenario? PDF
silvia facchinetti
Monitoring event attendance using a combination of traditional and advanced surveying tools PDF
Mauro Ferrante, Amit Birenboim, Anna Maria Milito, Stefano De Cantis
Regression modeling via latent predictors PDF
Francesca Martella, Donatella Vicari
An evaluation of KL-optimum designs to discriminate between rival copula models PDF
Silvia Angela Osmetti
How can we compare rankings that are expected to be similar? An example based on composite well being indicators. PDF
Silvia Terzi, Luca Moroni
Conditional Value-at-Risk: a comparison between quantile regression and copula functions PDF
Giovanni De Luca, Giorgia Rivieccio
Unsupervised clustering of Italian schools via non-parametric multilevel models PDF
Chiara Masci, Francesca Ieva, Anna Maria Paganoni
Cultural Participation in the digital Age in Europe: a multilevel cross-national analysis DOC
Isabella Mingo, Laura Bocci
Statistical Analysis of Markov Switching DSGE Models PDF
Maddalena Cavicchioli
Forecasting energy price volatilities and comovements with fractionally integrated MGARCH models PDF
Malvina Marchese, Francesca Di Iorio
Testing for independence in analytic inference PDF
Pier Luigi Conti, Alberto Di Iorio
A predictive measure of the additional loss of a non-optimal action under multiple priors PDF
Fulvio De Santis, Stefania Gubbiotti
An extension of the glasso estimator to multivariate censored data PDF
Antonino Abbruzzo, Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo Mineo
Customer Churn prediction based on eXtreme Gradient Boosting classifier PDF
Matteo Borrotti
Posterior Predictive Assessment for Item Response Theory Models: A Proposal Based on the Hellinger Distance PDF
Mariagiulia Matteucci, Stefania Mignani
Tail analysis of a distribution by means of an inequality curve PDF
Emanuele Taufer, Flavio Santi, Giuseppe Espa, Maria Michela Dickson
Stochastic Dominance for Generalized Parametric Families DOC
Tommaso Lando, Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti
Time-varying long-memory processes PDF
Luisa Bisaglia, Matteo Grigoletto
Functional linear models for the analysis of similarity of waveforms. PDF
Francesca Di Salvo, Renata Rotondi, Giovanni Lanzano
Filtering outliers in time series of electricity prices PDF
Ilaria Lucrezia Amerise
The mobility and the job success of the Sicilian graduates PDF
Ornella Giambalvo, Antonella Plaia, Sara Binassi
The importance of historical linkages in shaping population density across space PDF
Ilenia Epifani, Rosella Nicolini
On the choice of an appropriate bandwidth for modal clustering PDF
Alessandro Casa, Josè Chacón, Giovanna Menardi
Simultaneous unsupervised and supervised classification modeling for clustering, model selection and dimensionality reduction PDF
Mario Fordellone, Maurizio Vichi
The well-being in the Italian urban areas: a local geographic variation analysis PDF
eugenia nissi, AnnaLina Sarra
On the aberrations of two-level Orthogonal Arrays with removed runs PDF
roberto fontana, fabio rapallo
Quality of working life in Italy: findings from Inapp survey PDF
dgLARS method for relative risk regression models PDF
Luigi Augugliaro, Angelo Mineo
Distance based Depth-Depth classifier for directional data PDF
Giuseppe Pandolfo, Giovanni C. Porzio
An INDCLUS-type model for occasion-specific complementary partitions DOC
Laura Bocci, Donatella Vicari
Dealing with Data Evolution and Data Integration: An approach using Rarefaction ZIP
Luca Del Core, Eugenio Montini, Clelia Di Serio, Andrea Calabria
How robust is the skill score of probabilistic earthquake forecasts? ZIP
Alessia Caponera, Maximilian J. Werner
On the estimation of high-dimensional regression models with binary covariates PDF
Valentina Mameli, Debora Slanzi, Irene Poli
Bootstrap ClustGeo with spatial constraints PDF
veronica Distefano, Valentina Mameli, Fabio Della Marra
Brexit in Italy - Text Mining of Social Media PDF
Francesca Greco, Livia Celardo, Leonardo Salvatore Alaimo
University choice and the attractiveness of the study area. Insights from an analysis based on generalized mixed-effect models PDF
Silvia Columbu, Mariano Porcu, Isabella Sulis
A Bayesian Mixed Multinomial Logit Model for Partially Microsimulated Data on Labor Supply PDF
Cinzia Carota, Consuelo R. Nava
Modified profile likelihood in models for clustered data with missing values PDF
Claudia Di Caterina, Nicola Sartori
A simulation study on the use of response-adaptive randomized designs PDF
Anna Maria Paganoni, Andrea Ghiglietti, Maria Giovanna Scarale, Rosalba Miceli, Francesca Ieva, Luigi Mariani, Cecilia Gavazzi, Valeria Edefonti
A multivariate extension of the joint models PDF
Marcella Mazzoleni, Mariangela Zenga
Measuring Economic Uncertainty: Longitudinal Evidence Using a Latent Transition Model DOC
Francesca Giambona, Laura Grassini, Daniele Vignoli
Worthiness Based Social Scaling PDF
Giulio D'Epifanio
A panel data analysis of Italian hotels PDF
Antonio Giusti, Laura Grassini, Alessandro Viviani
Improved bootstrap simultaneous prediction limits PDF
Paolo Vidoni
Nonparametric penalized likelihood for density estimation PDF
Federico Ferraccioli
Estimating large-scale multivariate local level models with application to stochastic volatility PDF
Matteo Maria Pelagatti
A functional regression control chart for profile monitoring PDF
Fabio Centofanti, Antonio Lepore, Alessandra Menafoglio, Biagio Palumbo, Simone Vantini
Quantile Regression Coefficients Modeling: a Penalized Approach PDF
Gianluca Sottile, Paolo Frumento, Matteo Bottai
Rethinking the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test of Goodness of Fit in a Compositional Way PDF
Gianna Monti
Assessment of the INLA approach on gerarchic bayesian models for the spatial disease distribution: a real data application PDF
Paolo Girardi, Emanuela Bovo, Carmen Stocco, Susanna Baracco, Alberto Rosano, Daniele Monetti, Silvia Rizzato, Sara Zamberlan, Enrico Chinellato, Ugo Fedeli, Massimo Rugge
Design-based exploitation of big data by a doubly calibrated estimator PDF
Maria Michela Dickson, Giuseppe Espa, Lorenzo Fattorini
Additive Bayesian networks for an epidemiological analysis of swine diseases PDF
Marta Pittavino, Reinhard Furrer
Bayesian Dynamic Tensor Regression models PDF
Matteo Iacopini, Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin
Hidden Markov Models for disease progression PDF
Andrea Martino, Andrea Ghiglietti, Giuseppina Guatteri, Anna Maria Paganoni
Node-specific effects in latent space modelling of multidimensional networks PDF
Silvia D'Angelo, Marco Alfò, Thomas Brendan Murphy
Decomposing Large Networks: An Approach Based on the MCA based Community Detection ZIP
Carlo Drago
Robust statistical methods for credit risk PDF
Aldo Corbellini, Alessandro Ghiretti, Gianluca Morelli, Andrea Talignani
Bayesian estimation of number and position of knots in regression splines ZIP
Gioia Di Credico
Dirichlet processes, posterior similarity and graph clustering PDF
Stefano Tonellato
On Bayesian high-dimensional regression with binary predictors: a simulation study ZIP
Debora Slanzi, Valentina Mameli, Irene Poli
Is Structural Equation Modelling Able to Predict Well-being? DOC
Daniele Toninelli, Michela Cameletti
The determinants of tourism destination competitiveness in 2006-2016: a partial least square path modelling approach PDF
Alessandro Magrini, Laura Grassini
Tourist flows and museum admissions in Italy: an integrated analysis DOC
Francesca Petrei, Lorenzo Cavallo, Maria Teresa Santoro
Camel or dromedary? A study of the equilibrium distribution of income in the EU countries. PDF
Lisa Crosato, Camilla Ferretti, Piero Ganugi
Comparing Composite Indicators to measure Quality of Life: the Italian “Sole 24 Ore†case PDF
Gianna Agrò, Mariantonietta Ruggieri, Erasmo Vassallo
Monetary poverty indicators at local level: evaluating the impact of different poverty thresholds PDF
Luigi Biggeri, Caterina Giusti, Stefano Marchetti
Participation in tourism of Italian residents in the years of the economic recession PDF
Emilia Rocco, Chiara Bocci, Laura Grassini
The Total Factor Productivity Index as a Ratio of Price Indexes PDF
Lisa Crosato, Biancamaria Zavanella
Evaluation of students’ performance at lower secondary education. An empirical analysis using TIMSS and PISA data. PDF
Grazia Graziosi
Wages differentials in association with individuals, enterprises and territorial characteristics PDF
Stefano De Santis, Cristina Freguja, Alessandra Masi, Nicoletta Pannuzi, Francesco Giovanni Truglia
The evaluation of Formative Tutoring at the University of Padova PDF
Anna Giraldo, Renata Clerici, Lorenza Da Re, Silvia Meggiolaro
Modelling the effect of covariates for unbiased estimates in ecological inference methods PDF
Venera Tomaselli, Antonio Forcina, Michela Gnaldi
Data Integration in Social Sciences: the earnings intergenerational mobility problem PDF
Veronica Ballerini, Francesco Bloise, Dario Briscolini, Michele Raitano
An innovative approach for the GDPR compliance in Big Data era PDF
Vito Santarcangelo
Post-sampling crowdsourced data for reliable statistical inference: the case of market price index in Nigeria PDF
Giuseppe Arbia
Comparison between Experience-based Food Insecurity scales PDF
Federica Onori, Sara Viviani, Pierpaolo Brutti
How to improve the Quality Assurance System of the Universities: a study based on compositional analysis PDF
Bruno Bertaccini, Michele Gallo, Carlotta Simonacci, Tullio Menini
Exploiting information network model based for financial forecasting PDF
Giancarlo Nicola, Paola Cerchiello, Tomaso Aste
Direct Individual Differences Scaling for Evaluation of Research Quality PDF
Michele Gallo, Nickolay Trendafilov, V Simonacci
Measuring the multiple facets of tolerance using survey data. PDF
Caterina Liberati, Riccarda Arianna Longaretti, Alessandra Michelangeli
Benefits of the Erasmus mobility experience: a discrete latent variable analysis PDF
silvia bacci, valeria caviezel, anna maria falzoni
Using web scraping techniques to derive co-authorship data: insights from a case study PDF
Domenico De Stefano, Vittorio Fuccella, Maria Prosperina Vitale, Susanna Zaccarin
The NEETs during the economic crisis in Italy, Young NEETs in Italy, Spain and Greece during the economic crisis DOC
Giovanni De Luca, Paolo Mazzocchi, Claudio Quintano, Antonella Rocca
Variational Approximations for Frequentist and Bayesian Inference PDF
Luca Maestrini
Bayesian Estimation of Graphical Log-Linear Marginal Models PDF
Claudia Tarantola
Understanding pro-environmental travel behaviours in Western Europe DOC
Gennaro Punzo, Rosalia Castellano, Demetrio Panarello
Species richness estimation exploiting purposive lists: A proposal DOC
Alessandro Chiarucci, Rosa Maria Di Biase, Lorenzo Fattorini, Marzia Marcheselli, Caterina Pisani
The climate funds for energy sustainability: a counterfactual analysis PDF
Giuseppe Scandurra, Alfonso Carfora, Monica Ronghi
Salvatore Costantino, Maria Francesca Cracolici, Davide Piacentino
Exploratory GIS Analysis via Spatially Weighted Regression Trees PDF
Carmela Iorio, Giuseppe Pandolfo, Michele Staiano, Roberta Siciliano
A Latent Class Conjoint Analysis for analysing graduates’ profiles PDF
Andrea Marletta, Paolo Mariani, Lucio Masserini, Mariangela Zenga
Bias Reduction in a Matching Estimation of Treatment Effect PDF
Maria Gabriella Campolo, Antonino Di Pino, Edoardo Otranto
Knowledge Flows and Innovative Performance: Evidence from Italian firms PDF
Martina Aronica, Giuseppe De Luca, Giorgio Fazio, Davide Piacentino
Apulian health refurbishment: evaluation of performance and customer satisfaction through "Sentiment Analysis" DOC
Margaret Antonicelli, Francesco Albergo, Alessandra Ricciardelli
On the quality of the hypocenter locations: source of errors and spatial distribution of uncertainties DOC
Antonino D'Alessandro, Carlo Marcocci, Salvatore Scudero


Women’s empowerment and child mortality: the case of Bangladesh PDF
Chiara Puglisi
Angelo Mazza, Massimo Mucciardi
Assessing the performances of the MEIM, EIS and FESM scales to measure ethnic identity: a case study PDF
Antonino Mario Oliveri, Gabriella Polizzi
Spatially varying coefficient models for areal data PDF
Massimo Ventrucci
Investigating the effect of drugs consumption on survival outcome of Heart Failure patients using joint models: a case study based on regional administrative data. PDF
Marta Spreafico, Francesca Gasperoni, Francesca Ieva
How to measure cybersecurity risk PDF
Silvia Angela Osmetti
Spatiotemporal Prevision for Emergency Medical System Events in Milan PDF
Andrea Gilardi, Riccardo Borgoni, Andrea Pagliosa, Rodolfo Bonora
An R package for more reliable estimates of Residential Segregation DOC
Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo
Structured Additive Distributional Regression applied to the spatio-temporal analysis of soil-plant variability PDF
Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Alessio Pollice, Thomas Kneib, Stephan Lang, Roberta Rossi, Mariana Amato
Classification of the Aneurisk65 dataset using PCA for partially observed functional data RAR
Marco Stefanucci
Bayesian Population Size Estimation with A Single Sample PDF
Pierfrancesco Alaimo Di Loro
Attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and HPV vaccine DOC
Veronica Dorgali
Supervised Learning for Link Prediction in Social Networks PDF
Riccardo Giubilei
Deep Learning to the Test: an Application to Traffic Data Streams ZIP
Nina Deliu
A distribution curves comparison approach to analyze the university moving students performance PDF
Giovanni Boscaino, Giada Adelfio, Gianluca Sottile
Sovereign co-risk measures in the Euro Area PDF
silvia facchinetti
A Partial Ordering Application in Synthetizing Dimensions of Subjective Well-being DOC
Paola Conigliaro
A methodological approach to the environmental Umbria data DOC
Marta Bosi, Monica Franzese, Cristiano Trani, Sandra Verduci
Random Garden: a Supervised Learning Algorithm PDF
Ivan Luciano Danesi, Valeria Danese, Nicolò Russo, Enrico Tonini
Multivariate analysis of marine litter abundance through Bayesian space-time models ZIP
crescenza calculli, Alessio Pollice, Letizia Sion, Porzia Maiorano
Mapping the relation between University accesstest and student’s university performance PDF
Antonella Plaia, Vincenzo Giuseppe Genova
A note on objective Bayes analysis for graphical vector autoregressive models PDF
Lucia Paci, Guido Consonni
Power Priors for Bayesian Analysis of Graphical Models of Conditional Independence in Three Way Contingency Tables RAR
Implementation of an innovative technique to improve Sauvignon Blanc wine quality DOC
Filippa Bono, Pietro Catania, Mariangela Vallone
A proportional hazards model under bivariate censoring and truncation DOC
Marialuisa Restaino, Hongsheng Dai
Reconstructing missing data sequences in multivariate time series: an application to environmental data PDF
Maria Lucia Parrella, Giuseppina Albano, Michele La Rocca, Cira Perna
Estimating the implied probabilities in the tennis betting market: A new normalization procedure PDF
Vincenzo Candila, Antonio Scognamillo
Testing different structures of Spatial Dynamic Panel Data models by a bootstrap multiple testing procedure PDF
Maria Lucia Parrella, Francesco Giordano, Massimo Pacella
Estimating the number of unseen species under heavy tails PDF
Marco Battiston, Federico Camerlenghi, Emanuele Dolera, Stefano Favaro

A new paradigm for rating data models (Plenary)

A new paradigm for rating data models PDF
Domenico Piccolo

Advanced models and computational methods for data from modern biomedicine (Plenary)

Statistical challenges and opportunities in modelling coupled behaviour-disease dynamics of vaccine refusal PDF
Chris Bauch
Health information and statistics PDF
Fabrizio De Nicola
Precision medicine and personalized networks DOC
Francesco C Stingo

Advances in Discrete Latent Variable Modeling (Solicited)

A joint model for longitudinal and survival data based on a continuous-time hidden Markov model PDF
Alessio Farcomeni, Francesco Bartolucci
Causality patterns of a marketing campaign conducted over time: evidence from the latent Markov model PDF
Fulvia Pennoni, Leonard J.  Paas, Francesco Bartolucci 
Dealing with reciprocity in dynamic stochastic block models PDF
Francesco Bartolucci, Maria Francesca Marino, Silvia Pandolfi
Modelling the latent class structure of multiple Likert items: a paired comparison approach PDF
Brian J Francis

Aging and elderly people (Solicited)

Health and mortality: new insights from longitudinal data DOC
Elena Demuru, Viviana Egidi
Living condition and mortality at home and in institution: addressing the bias introduced by the selection of institutionalized population DOC
Cristina Giudici
Looking beyond averages: quantile regression approach to model olderâ€adult Europeans’ quality of life PDF
Elisa Cisotto, Giulia Cavrini
Estimation of neighborhood effect on mental health in the elderly using propensity score techniques DOC
Giovanna Boccuzzo, Chiara Papaccio, margherita Silan, morena stroscia

Bayesian Nonparametric Learning (Specialized)

A Comparative overview of Bayesian nonparametric estimation of the size of a population PDF
Luca Tardella, Danilo Alunni Fegatelli
Logit stick-breaking priors for partially exchangeable count data PDF
Tommaso Rigon
Bayesian nonparametric covariate driven clustering PDF
Alessandra Guglielmi

BDsports - Statistics in sports (Specialized)

Analysis of the importance of on-field covariates in the German Bundesliga PDF
Gunther Schauberger
Zero-inflated ordinal data models with application to sport (in)activity ZIP
Maria Iannario, Rosaria Simone
Are the shots predictive for the football results? PDF
Leonardo Egidi, Francesco Pauli, Nicola Torelli

Being young and becoming adult in the Third Millennium: definition issues and processes analysis (Specialized)

Being young and becoming adult abroad: the second generation in Italy and the young Italian emigrants DOC
Cinzia Conti, Enrico Tucci
Parenthood: an advanced step in the transition to adulthood PDF
Antonella Guarneri, Cinzia Castagnaro, Eleonora Meli
Do Social Media Data predict changes in young adults’ employment status? Evidence from Italy. DOC
Andrea Bonanomi

Complex Spatio-temporal processes and functional data (Solicited)

Spatial pattern analysis of the Italian sesimic network and seismicity PDF
Antonino D'Alessandro, Marianna Siino, Giada Adelfio, Luca Greco
Clustering of spatio-temporal data based on marked variograms ZIP
Antonio Balzanella, Rosanna Verde
Space-time earthquake clustering: nearest-neighbor and stochastic declustering methods in comparison PDF
Elisa Varini, Antonella Peresan, Renata Rotondi, Stefania Gentili
Advanced spatio-temporal point processes for the Sicily seismicity analysis PDF
marianna siino

Dimensional reduction techniques for Big Data Analysis (Solicited)

A network approach to dimensionality reduction in Text Mining PDF
Michelangelo Misuraca, Germana Scepi, Maria Spano
Self Organizing Maps for distributional data PDF
Antonio Irpino, Rosanna Verde
Co-clustering algorithms for histogram data PDF
Antonio Balzanella, Francisco de A.T. De Carvalho, Rosanna Verde
Clustering Data Streams via Functional Data Analysis: a Comparison between Hierarchical Clustering and K-means Approaches PDF
Fabrizio Maturo, Francesco Fortuna, Tonio Di Battista

Economic Statistics and Big Data (Specialized)

Improvements in Italian CPI/HICP deriving from the use of scanner data PDF
Alessandro Brunetti
Big data and spatial price comparisons of consumer prices PDF
Tiziana Laureti
Scoring models for roboadvisory platforms: a network approach PDF
Paolo Giudici, Gloria Polinesi

Emerging and re-emerging threats from infections: global diffusion models and policy perspectives (Specialized)

The contribution of local demographic conditions and vaccination policies to measles elimination DOC
Filippo Trentini
Giorgio Guzzetta
Refining the characterization of the Sanofi Pasteur dengue vaccine’s efficacy profile using machine learning DOC
Ilaria Dorigatti, Christl A Donnelly, Daniel J Laydon, Robert Small, Nicholas Jackson, Laurent Coudeville, Neil Ferguson

Environmental processes, human activities and their interactions (Solicited)

A multilevel hidden Markov model for space-time cylindrical data PDF
Francesco Lagona, Monia Ranalli
Estimation of coral growth parameters via Bayesian hierarchical non-linear models PDF
crescenza calculli, Barbara Cafarelli, Daniela Cocchi
A Bayesian S-FAVAR model to Estimate the Short-Term Health Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health PDF
Pasquale Valentini, Lara Fontanella, Luigi Ippoliti
Estimation of entropy measures for categorical variables with spatial correlation PDF
Linda Altieri, Giulia Roli

Financial Time Series Analysis (Specialized)

Conditional Quantile-Located VaR PDF
Massimiliano Caporin, Giovanni Bonaccolto, Sandra Paterlini
Heterogeneous Component MEM models for forecasting trading volumes PDF
Giuseppe Storti, Antonio Naimoli
Regularized Estimation of High Dimensional Auto- and Cross-Covariance Matrices DOC
Tommaso Proietti

Forensic Statistics (Specialized)

Cause of effects: an important evaluation in Forensic Science PDF
Fabio Corradi, Monica Musio
Evaluation and reporting of scientific evidence: the impact of partial probability assignments PDF
Silvia Bozza, Franco Taroni, Alex Biedermann
Paternity testing and other inference about relationships from DNA mixtures PDF
Peter J Green

Innovations in Census and in Social Surveys (Solicited)

The New Population Census Strategy: from Tradition to Innovation PDF
Matteo Mazziotta, Stefano Falorsi
Towards more timely census statistics: the new Italian multiannual dissemination programme DOC
Simona Mastroluca, Mariangela Verrascina
A micro-based approach to ensure consistency among administrative data sources and to improve population statistics PDF
Gianni Corsetti, Sabrina Prati, Valeria Tomeo, Enrico Tucci
Demographic changes, research questions and data needs: issues about migrations DOC
Salvatore Strozza, Giuseppe Gabrielli

Integration surveys and register based statistics: past, present and future (Specialized)

New methods for small area estimation with linkage uncertainty PDF
Brunero Liseo, Andrea Tancredi, Dario Briscolini, Loredana Di Consiglio, Tiziana Tuoto
Quality survey to dealing with frame imperfections in the next register-based Italian Census Population PDF
paolo righi
Estimation of wealth on spatially disaggregated levels in Germany based on the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS) PDF
Timo Schmid, Ann-Kristin Kreutzmann, Philipp Marek, Nicola Salvati

New perspectives in supervised and unsupervised classification (Solicited)

Robust Updating Classification Rule with applications in Food Authenticity Studies PDF
Francesca Greselin
A robust clustering procedure with unknown number of clusters PDF
Francesco Dotto
Issues in joint dimension reduction and clustering methods PDF
Michel van de Velden, Alfonso Iodice D'Enza, Angelos Markos
Some remarks on the DESPOTA algorithm for detecting a partition on a dendrogram DOC
Dario Bruzzese, Domenico Vistocco
Tree-based Semi-supervised Clustering DOC
Claudio Conversano, Giulia Contu, Luca Frigau, Francesco Mola

Living conditions and a consumption expenditure in time of crises (Solicited)

The financial crisis, food consumption and quality of diets: An international perspective DOC
Tiziana Laureti, Mario Mazzocchi
Micro and Macro Resilience measures to the economic crisis DOC
cristina Bernini, Maria Francesca Cracolici, Peter Nijkamp
Material deprivation and household consumption expenditure in Italy during last economic crises PDF
Isabella Siciliani, Ilaria Arigoni

Methodological approaches to constructing social composite indicators (Solicited)

Model based Indicators for Sustainability
Rosanna Cataldo, Carlo Natale Lauro, Marina Marino, Viktoriia Voytsekhovska
Introduction of weights in poset-based synthetic indicators
Giovanna Boccuzzo, Giulio Caperna
A composite indicator to analyse gender balance in Italian Public University
Laura Antonucci, Corrado Crocetta, Madia D’Onghja, Emma Zavarrone
Comparing different aggregating approaches. An application to the Gender equality indicators in Italy at sub-national level
Enrico di Bella, Filomena Maggino, Lucia Leporatti

Monitoring education systems. Insights from large scale assessment surveys (Specialized)

Educational Achievement of Immigrant Students. A Cross-National Comparison Over-Time Using OECD-PISA Data PDF
Mariano Porcu
Insights into survey errors of large scale educational achievement surveys PDF
Sylke V. Schnepf
Investigating the role of educational systems on learning inequalities with international assessments. The case of early tracking PDF
Dalit Contini

Missing data handling in complex models (Specialized)

Dependence and sensitivity in regression models for longitudinal responses subject to dropout PDF
Marco Alfò, Maria Francesca Marino
Multilevel analysis of student ratings with missing level-two covariates: a comparison of imputation techniques PDF
Carla Rampichini, Maria Francesca Marino
Multilevel Multiple Imputation in presence of interactions, non-linearities and random slopes PDF
Matteo Quartagno, James Carpenter

New challenges in the measurement of economic insecurity, inequality and poverty (Solicited)

Changes in poverty concentration in U.S. urban areas ZIP
Francesco Andreoli, Mauro Mussini
Economic Insecurity and Individual Behaviour PDF
Conchita D'Ambrosio
Social protection in mitigating economic insecurity PDF
Alessandra Coli
Evaluating sustainability through an input-state-output framework: the case of the Italian provinces PDF
Laura Neri, Achille Lemmi, FEDERICO MARIA PULSELLI

Some topics in Statistics and Data Science (Specialized)

Statistics in an Engineering School in the time of Data Science PDF
Enrico Bibbona, Mauro Gasparini
Reconstructing the topography of multidimensional probability landscapes E PDF
Michele Allegra, Maria d'Errico, Elena Facco, Alessandro Laio, Alex Rodriguez
Extreme Learning Machines for Bootstrapping Nonlinear Time Series DOC
Michele La Rocca, Cira Perna

Network data analysis and mining (Solicited)

Data mining and analysis of comorbidity networks from practitioner prescriptions PDF
Giancarlo Ragozini
Support provided by elderly Italian people: a multilevel analysis PDF
Elvira Pelle, Giulia Rivellini, Susanna Zaccarin
Stochastic network modelling of the evolutionary tree PDF
Ernst C. Wit
Overlapping mixture models for network data (\texttt{manet}) with covariates adjustment PDF
Saverio Ranciati, Giuliano Galimberti, Ernst C. Wit, Veronica Vinciotti

New methods and models for ordinal data (Solicited)

Clustering of preference rankings: a non-parametric soft-clustering approach PDF
Antonio D'Ambrosio, Willem J Heiser
A prototype for the analysis of time use in Italy PDF
Stefania Capecchi, Manuela Michelini
Constrained Extended Plackett-Luce model for the analysis of preference rankings PDF
Cristina Mollica, Luca Tardella
A dissimilarity-based splitting criterion for CUBREMOT PDF
carmela cappelli, Rosaria Simone, Francesca Di Iorio
Weighted vs unweighted distance based decision trees for ranking data PDF
Antonella Plaia, Simona Buscemi, Mariangela Sciandra

New perspectives in Time Series Analysis (Specialized)

Generalized periodic autoregressive models for trend and seasonality varying time series PDF
Francesco Battaglia
Detecting Co-Movements in Noncausal Time Series PDF
Gianluca Cubadda, Alain Heqa, Sean Telg
Time dependent time series models: a review DOC
Guy Mélard

Pursuing the sustainable development goals: inequality and territorial distribution of socio-ec well-being (Solicited)

No one left behind: a huge challenge for statistics and policy PDF
Enrico Giovannini
Statistics and innovations for measuring Sustainable Development Goals: challenges, opportunities and progress DOC
angela ferruzza, paola ungaro, barbara baldazzi, giovanna tagliacozzo, luigi costanzo
Sustainable Development and Territorial Differences: a Focus on Italian Regions DOC
Leonardo Salvatore Alaimo
The systemic view of the SDGs indicators through a statistical model-based approach: an application on Eu countries DOC
Carlo Cavicchia, Filomena Maggino, Maurizio Vichi

New sources, data integration and measurement challenges for estimates on labour market dynamics (Solicited)

How effective are the regional policies in Europe? The role of European Funds DOC
Gennaro Punzo, Mariateresa Ciommi, Gaetano Musella
The development of the Italian Labour register: principles, issues and perspectives DOC
Ciro Baldi, Claudio Ceccarelli, S. Gigante, Silvia Pacini
Fabio Massimo Rapiti, C. Baldi, Daniela Ichim, Federica Pintaldi, Maria E. Pontecorvo
Labour market condition in Italy during and after the financial crises: a segmented regression analysis approach of interrupted time series DOC
Matilde Bini, Lucio Masserini

Quality of life: definition, measures and policy implications (Specialized)

Quality of life and gender inequalities after the economic crisis: which priorities for the policy maker? DOC
Linda Laura Sabbadini
Challenges, needs and risks in defining wellbeing indicators DOC
Filomena Maggino
An empirical measure of social progress for the European regions: challenges and solutions DOC
Paola Annoni

Quantile and generalized quantile methods (Solicited)

Modelling the effect of Traffic and Meteorology on Air Pollution with Finite Mixtures of M-quantile Regression Models DOC
Simone Del Sarto, Maria Francesca Marino, Maria Giovanna Ranalli, Nicola Salvati
Three-level M-quantile model for small area poverty mapping PDF
Nicola Salvati, Stefano Marchetti
Multiple Quantile Regression for Risk Assessment PDF
Lea Petrella, Valentina Raponi
Parametric Modeling of Quantile Regression Coefficient Functions PDF
Paolo Frumento, Matteo Bottai

Recent advances in model-based clustering (Specialized)

Covariate measurement error in generalized linear models for longitudinal data: a latent Markov approach PDF
Roberto Di Mari
A Comparison of Model-Based and Fuzzy Clustering Methods PDF
Marco Alfò, Maria Brigida Ferraro, Paolo Giordani, Luca Scrucca, Alessio Serafini
Flexible clustering methods for high-dimensional data sets PDF
Cristina Tortora, Paul McNicholas

Recent Advances on Extreme Value Theory (Solicited)

Record Events of Dependent Sequences ZIP
Amir Khorrami Chokami, Michael Falk, Simone Padoan
Generalized Pareto Copulas: A Key to Multivariate Extremes PDF
Michael Falk, Simone Padoan
Testing the multivariate regular variation model PDF
Chen Zhou
Extremes of high-order IGARCH processes PDF
Fabrizio Laurini

Spatial Economic Data Analysis (Solicited)

Estimating models with network interactions and unobserved heterogeneity PDF
Luisa Corrado, Salvatore Di Novo
Tourism Firms Survival in Italian Insular Regions PDF
Maria Francesca Cracolici, Giuseppe Espa, Diego Giuliani, Davide Piacentino
Spatial Weights Matrix Specification: A Fuzzy Logic Exploration DOC
Nooshin Mahmoodi, Roberto Patuelli
Spatial heterogeneity in principal component analysis: a study of deprivation index on Italian provinces PDF
Paolo Postiglione, M. Simona Andreano, Roberto Benedetti, Alfredo Cartone

Spatial Functional Data Analysis (Solicited)

Object oriented spatial statistics for georeferenced tensor data PDF
Alessandra Menafoglio, Davide Pigoli, Piercesare Secchi
A simple spatio-temporal model for some complex data ZIP
Luigi Ippoliti
Constructing priors for functional linear regression models
Maria Franco Villoria, Massimo Ventrucci, Haavard Rue
A Spatio-Temporal Mixture Model for Urban Crimes ZIP

Statistical models for sports data (Solicited)

Big Data Analytics for Modelling Players' Movement in Basketball PDF
rodolfo metulini
A data-mining approach to the Parkour discipline PDF
Paola Pasca, Enrico Ciavolino, Ryan L. Boyd
Exploring the Kaggle European Soccer database with Bayesian Networks: the case of the Italian League Serie A PDF
Maurizio Carpita, Silvia Golia
The study of relationship between financial performance and sports success in Italian Football Championship clubs through the Longitudinal generalized estimating equation models PDF
Pasquale Sarnacchiaro, Anna Crisci, Luigi D'Ambra

Statistical Analysis of Energy Markets (Contributed)

Forecasting Value-at-Risk for Model Risk Analysis in Energy Markets ZIP
Angelica Gianfreda, Giacomo Scandolo
Quantile merit order and network upgrade effects: evidence on Italian wholesale power prices PDF
Alessandro Sapio
Prediction interval of electricity prices by robust nonlinear models PDF
Luigi Grossi
Investment-Uncertainty Relationship in the Oil and Gas Industry DOC
Matteo Manera, Maryam Ahmadi, Mehedi Sadeghzadeh

Statistical Models for Service Quality (Solicited)

Finding the best paths in university curricula of graduates to improve academic guidance services PDF
Silvia Bacci, Bruno Bertaccini
A robust multinomial logit model for improving service quality PDF
ida camminatiello, Antonio Lucadamo
Complex contingency tables and Pearson’s chi-squared partitions PDF
Rosaria Lombardo, Yoshio Takane, Eric J Beh
Cumulative chi-squared statistics for the service quality improvement. New properties and tools for its evaluation. PDF
Antonello D'Ambra, Antonio Lucadamo, Pietro Amenta, Luigi D'Ambra

Statistical Modelling (Specialized)

The GAMLSS models: Past and Future PDF
Mikis Stasinopoulos
A regularized estimation approach for the three-parameter logistic model PDF
Michela Battauz, Ruggero Bellio
Recovering Indirect Information in Demographic Applications PDF
Jutta Gampe

Statistical Modelling for Business Intelligence (Solicited)

A nonlinear state-space model for the forecasting of field failures PDF
Antonio Pievatolo
Bayesian Ensemble of Quantile Trees for Sales Prediction PDF
Mauro Bernardi, Paola Stolfi
Discrimination in machine learning algorithms PDF
Roberta Pappadà, Francesco Pauli
Does Airbnb affect the real estate market? A spatial dependence analysis PDF
Mariangela Guidolin, Mauro Bernardi

Statistics and indicators for the analysis of the economic competitiveness of the business system (Specialized)

Margherita Velucchi
Changing lenses to read a changing world:The new Istat approach to study firms’ competitiveness using integrated data DOC
Stefano Costa
The information of the territorial register for the analysis of spatial distribution DOC
Alessandro Faramondi

Statistical modelling of Big Spatial Data (Specialized)

A Hierarchical Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Model for Clustered Climate data with Annual Cycles PDF
Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Gianluca Mastrantonio, Alessio Pollice, Giulia Capotorti, Lorenzo Teodonio, Carlo Blasi
A variance-adaptive proposal for multivariate disease mapping TXT
Miguel Angel Martinez-Beneito, Francisca Corpas-Burgos, Paloma Botella-Rocamora
Multivariate statistical emulators for city-level air quality management
Francesco Finazzi, Yoana Borisova, Marian E Scott, Alan Hills, Michela Cameletti

Supporting regional policies through small area statistical methods (Solicited)

Survey-weighted Unit-Level Small Area Estimation PDF
Patricia Doerr, Jan Pablo Burgard
Integration of socio-economic data for the estimation of indicators at the municipal level DOC
Michele DAlo, Alessio Guandalini, Andrea Fasulo, Solari Fabrizio
Accounting for measurement error in unit and area-level small area models DOC
Nikos Tzavidis, Timo Schmid, Paul Walter, Natalia Rojas-Perilla, Paul Smith, Jan van den Brakel
Robust and model-assisted small area estimation methods: an application to the Banca d'Italia Survey of Industrial and Service Firms DOC
Enrico Fabrizi

The role of statisticians in understanding global climate dynamics (Plenary)

A Stochastic Generator of Global Monthly Wind Energy with Tukey g-and-h Autoregressive Processes PDF
Marc G. Genton
Statistical modelling of atmospheric radiosoundings PDF
Alessandro Fasso'

The second generation at school (Solicited)

Resilient students with migratory background DOC
Anna Di Bartolomeo, Giuseppe Gabrielli
Understanding the sources of children of immigrants' penalty in academic performance: Evidence from Italian compulsory education
Moris Triventi, Eleonora Vlach
From school to ... future: strategies, paths and perspectives of immigrant immediate descendants in Naples DOC
Giustina Orientale Caputo, Giuseppe Gargiulo
Residential Proximity to Attended Schools among Immigrant-Origin Youths in Bologna DOC
Federica Santangelo, Debora Mantovani, Giancarlo Gasperoni
Short and medium term labour market returns of college graduates with a migration background DOC
Jim Allen, Barbara Belfi, Babs Jacobs, Mark Levels, Kars van Oosterhout

Tourism: destinations, household, firms (Solicited)

The Migration-Led-Tourism Hypothesis for Italy: A Survey. DOC
Carla Massidda, Romano Piras, Ivan Etzo
The Pricing Behaviour of Firms in the On-line Accommodation Market: Evidence from a Metropolitan City PDF
Andrea Guizzardi, Flavio Maria Emanuele Pons
Tourism attractiveness in Italy. Some empirical evidence comparing origin-destination flows. PDF
Francesca Giambona, Emanuela Dreassi, Alessandro Magrini
Tourism Statistics: development and potential uses DOC
Fabrizio Antolini

What's happening in Africa? (Solicited)

Environmental shocks and internal migration in Tanzania PDF
Elena Pirani, Alessandra Petrucci, Maria Francesca Marino
Brocken trends in Maghrebian fertility DOC
Zahia Ouadah-Bedidi, Jacques Vallin
Determinants and geographical disparities of BMI in African Countries: a measurement error small area approach PDF
Serena Arima, Silvia Polettini
Return and circular migration between Africa and Italy
Cinzia Castagnaro, Francesca Licari

Young Contributions to Statistical Learning (Specialized)

Introducing spatio-temporal dependence in clustering: from a parametric to a nonparametric approach. PDF
Clara Grazian
K-means seeding via MUS algorithm PDF
Leonardo Egidi, Roberta Pappada', Francesco Pauli, Nicola Torelli
Bayesian inference for hidden Markov models via duality and approximate filtering distributions PDF
Guillaume KON KAM KING, Omiros Papaspiliopoulos, Matteo Ruggiero

Statistics for financial risks (Contributed)

Systemic events and diffusion of jumps PDF
Giovanni Bonaccolto, Nancy Zambon, Massimiliano Caporin
Bayesian Quantile Regression Treed PDF
Mauro Bernardi, Paola Stolfi
Traffic Lights for Systemic Risk Detection DOC
Forecasting Optimal Portfolio Weights Using High-Frequency Data PDF
Alessandro Palandri
Model Selection in Weighted Stochastic Block models PDF
Michele Costola

Reproducibility in biostatistics: from observational studies to sampling strategies (Specialized)

Designing Effective Sampling Strategies in Biomedical Studies: is Selection Bias Always Bad? PDF
Fulvia Mecatti
Recurrence dynamics of cancer according to the dormancy paradigm DOC
Elia Biganzoli
Reproducibility and uncertainty DOC
Annibale Biggeri

Functional statistics for Spatiotemporal Data (in collaboration with the Royal Statistical Society) (Specialized)

Application of semiparametric function-on-scalar regression for modeling spatio-temporal earthquake dynamics DOC
Alexander Bauer
Functional principal component analysis for non-stationary dynamic time series with an application to high-frequency hydrological data DOC
Amira El-Ayouti
Visualization and assessment of spatio-temporal covariance properties DOC
Ying Sun