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SIS 2018

Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting. Both methodological and applied statistical research are considered in the meeting. The Italian Statistical Society was founded in 1939. Today there are about one thousand members including scholars in statistical methodology, probability, social and economic statistics, biostatistics and demography. The members of the society are academics and scholars from public or private organizations. Moreover SIS organizes a biennial International scientific meeting dedicated on relevant statistical topics and several schools for young statisticians. It publishes an International Journal (SMA) and two on-line magazines.

  • 49th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society

    June 20, 2018 – June 22, 2018

    The 49th Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society will be held in Palermo in 2018, June 20-22. There will be satellite meetings:

    - Stats Under the Stars (SUS4), and

    - Start-up research (Start-up)


  • Stats Under the Stars 2018

  • Start-up Research 2018

IES 2017

INNOVATION & SOCIETY 2017 - Statistical Methods for Evaluation and Quality (IES2017)

  • Innovation & Society, Statistical Methods for Evaluation

    September 6, 2017 – September 7, 2017


  • TIES-GRASPA 2017

    July 24, 2017 – July 26, 2017

    The joint TIES-GRASPA 2017 Conference on Climate and Environment will be held at the University of Bergamo, Italy from Monday 24th July to Wednesday 26th July and it will be a satellite meeting of the 61st World Statistics Congress – ISI2017 in Marrakesh.


    The conference is intended to be a bridge for a future TIES conference system in odd years after ISI incorporation. On the one side, it renews a fruitful tradition of joint conferences with other scientific societies and associations. On the other side, it explores new ways to collaborate with ISI. From the scientific point of view TIES-GRASPA meeting on Climate and Environment is focused on a hot topic and has the potential to attract new statisticians and other scientists.

    Keynote speakers and panelists

    Invited sessions

    A preliminary list of invited sessions is available here. If you are a session organizer, please check your session and send an e-mail to for any missing details.

    Conference topics

    Statistical methods and applications for:

    • Climate change assessment and monitoring
    • Climate change monitoring of/impact on
    • Environment
    • Ecological systems
    • Atmospheric variables
    • Meteorology
    • Water bodies
    • Desertification
    • Food sustainability, availability and security
    • Human health
    • Population and migration
    • Economics and Finance
    • Atmospheric measurements, including in-situ and satellite based
    • Statistics and remote sensing
    • Spatial and spatio-temporal modelling
    • Functional, directional and complex data
    • Official statistics for Climate change

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SIS 2017

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting which focuses on methodological and applied statistical research.


    June 28, 2017 – June 30, 2017

    The 2017 SIS Conference aims to highlight the crucial role of the Statistics in Data Science. In this new domain of "meaning" extracted from the data, the increasing amount of produced and available data in databases, nowadays, has brought new challenges. That involves different fields of statistics, machine learning, information and computer science, optimization, pattern recognition. These afford together a considerable contribute in the analysis of "Big data", open data, relational and complex data, structured and no-structured.

    The interest is to collect the contributes which provide from the different domains of Statistics, in the high dimensional data quality validation, sampling extraction, dimensional reduction, pattern selection, data modeling, testing hypotheses and confirming conclusions drawn from the data.

    In the mention that statistics is the "grammar of data science", statistics has become a basic skill in data science: it gives right meaning to the data. Still, it isn't replaced by newer techniques from machine learning and other disciplines but it complements them.

    The Conference is also addressed to the new challenges of the new generations: the native digital generations, who are called to develop professional skills as "data analyst", one of the more request professionality of the 21th Century, crossing the rigid disciplinary domains of competence. In this perspective, all the traditional statistical topics are admitted with an extension to the related machine learning and computer science ones.

SIS 2016 Scientific Meeting

The Italian Statistical Society (SIS) promotes every two years an international scientific meeting which focuses on methodological and applied statistical research.

  • Innovazione & Società, Metodi Statistici per la valutazione

    October 17, 2016 – October 18, 2016