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SOL. 2 - Social research and data science: methods and applications - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 006

A polarity-based strategy for ranking social media reviews
Simona Balbi, Michelangelo Misuraca, Germana Scepi

SOL. 3 - Financial data modelling - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 007

A stochastic volatility framework with analytical filtering
Giacomo Bormetti, Roberto Casarin, Fulvio Corsi, Giulia Livieri

SOL. 4 - The use of scanner data for multipurpose consumer price statistics - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 013

Estimating Italian inflation using scanner data: results and perspectives
Alessandro Brunetti, Stefania Fatello, Federico Polidoro

SOL. 5 - Neuroscience statistics - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 014

Modeling motor learning using heteroskedastic functional principal components analysis
Daniel Backenroth, Jeff Goldsmith, Michelle D. Harran, Juan C. Cortes, John W. Krakauer, Tomoko Kitago

SOL. 6 - New data collection: a tool for mobility and migration - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 001

Hate speech and prejudice against immigrants in social media
Marcello Bogetti, Cristina Bosco, Massimo Follis, Viviana Patti

POSTER SPEED-TALK SESSION - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 018

Epidemiological Profile of human rabies in Morocco
Nada Bennani Mechita, Majdouline Obtel, Karim Idrissi Sbai, Rabiaa Lyoussi, Houda Moumni, Abderrahmane Maaroufi, Mustapha Mrabet, Rachid Razine
Topological Summaries for Time-Varying Data
Tullia Padellini, Pierpaolo Brutti
Epigenome-wide association study and stochastic epigenetic mutation analysis in hepatocellular carcinoma
Davide Gentilini, Giovanni Vitale, Anna Maria Di Blasio, Luisa Bernardinelli

CON. 1 - Statistical modeling in healthcare - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 004

Research on the Risk Factors Accountable for the Occurrence of Degenerative Complications of Type 2 Diabetes in Morocco: Prospective Study.
Badiaa Lyoussi, Zineb Selihi, Mohamed Berraho, Karima El Rhazi, Youness El Achhab, Adiba El Marrakchi, Chakib Nejjari

CON. 3 - Machine and statistical learning - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 013

User query enrichment for personalized access to data through ontologies using matrix completion method
Oumayma Banouar, Said Raghay

CON. 5 - General latent variable modelling - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 001

A latent markov model approach for measuring national gender inequality
Gaia Bertarelli, Franca Crippa, Fulvia Mecatti
An ordinal Latent Markov model for the evaluation of health care services
Giorgio Eduardo Montanari, Marco Doretti, Francesco Bartolucci

SPE. 1 - Computational methods for high-dimensional and complex data sets - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 004

Does data structure reflect monuments structure? Symbolic data analysis on Florence Brunelleschi Dome
Bruno Bertaccini, Giulia Biagi, Antonio Giusti, Laura Grassini

SPE. 2 - The population register and the integration with the household surveys - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 007

Constructing socio-demographic indicators for National Statistical Institutes using mobile phone data: estimating literacy rates in Senegal
Timo Schmid, Fabian Bruckschen, Nicola Salvati, Till Zbiranski

SFdS - Société Française de Statistique - Group Data Mining et Apprentissage - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 018

Clustering of histogram data : a topological learning approach
Guénaël Cabanes, Younès Bennani, Rosanna Verde, Antonio Irpino

SPE. 5 - Big data and official statistics - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 004

Quality issues when using Big Data in Official Statistics
Paolo Righi, Giulio Barcaroli, Natalia Golini

SPE. 6 - "Millennials" mobility patterns - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 007

The propensity to leave the country of origin of young Europeans
Paolo Balduzzi, Alessandro Rosina, Emiliano Sironi

SPE.7 -Use of administrative databases for performance assessment in social contexts-28th June,h.17.30-19.00, room 013

The Trieste Observatory of cardiovascular disease: an experience of administrative and clinical data integration at a regional level
Giulia Barbati, Francesca Ieva, Francesca Gasperoni, Annamaria Iorio, Gianfranco Sinagra, Andrea Di Lenarda
School principals leadership styles and students achievement: empirical results from a three-step Latent Class Analysis
Tommaso Agasisti, Alex J. Bowers, Mara Soncin

SPE. 9 - Economic change and labour market - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 004

Impact of the 2008 and 2012 financial crises on the unemployment rate in Italy: an interrupted time series approach
Lucio Masserini, Matilde Bini

SPE. 10 -BigData comes to school: Implications for learning, assessment & research - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 007

Profiles of students on account of complex problem solving (CPS) strategies exploited via log-data
Michela Gnaldi, Silvia Bacci, Samuel Greiff, Thiemo Kunze

SPE. 11 - SIS-Bayes: High-performance algorithms in Bayesian statistics - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 013

Bayesian Tensor Regression Models
Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin, Matteo Iacopini
Adaptive MCMC for multiple changepoint analysis with applications to large datasets
Alan Benson, Nial Friel

SPE. 12 - Tensor-based methods for data science - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 001

Three-way Correspondence Analysis for Ordinal-Nominal Variables
Rosaria Lombardo, Eric J. Beh

IASC - International Association for Statistical Computing - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 018

Clustering of networks with textual edges
Charles Bouveyron

SPE. 13 - Functional data with complex dependencies - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 004

Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators For Functional Spatial Autoregressive Models
Mohamed-Salem Ahmed, Laurence Broze, Sophie Dabo-Niang, Zied Gharbi

SPE. 14 - S2G Combining big data with sample surveys - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 007

Multi-data sources and surveys perspectives: approaches and problems
Silvia Biffignandi
On the use of Google Trend data as covariates in nowcasting: Sampling and modeling issues
Maria Simona Andreano, Roberto Benedetti, Paolo Postiglione, Giovanni Savio

SPE. 16 - CLADAG: Clustering of high-dimensional data - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 001

Hidden Markov models: dimensionality reduction, atypical observations and algorithms
Antonello Maruotti, Jan Bulla
Model-based co-clustering of functional data
Charles Bouveyron

CON. 6 - Knowledge extraction and pattern recognition from new data sources - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 004

Using GPS Data to Understand Urban Mobility Patterns: An Application to the Florence Metropolitan Area
Chiara Bocci, Daniele Fadda, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Mirco Nanni, Leonardo Piccini
Measuring Regional Knowledge Diffusion via Wikipedia
Fabian Stephany, Fabian Braesemann

CON. 7 - Statistics for social sciences - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 006

Are Numbers too Large for Kids? Possible Answer in Probable Stories
Monica Bailot, Rina Camporese, Silvia Da Valle, Sara Letardi, Susi Osti

CON. 8 - Statistical methods for socio-economic analysis - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 007

Relative privacy risks and learning from anonymized data
Michele Boreale, Fabio Corradi

CON. 10 - Graphical models and Bayesian analysis - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 014

Bayesian Mixture Models for the Detection of High-Energy Astronomical Sources
Andrea Sottosanti, Denis Bastieri, Alessandra R. Brazzale
Bayesian Quantile Regression using the Skew Exponential Power Distribution
Mauro Bernardi, Marco Bottone, Lea Petrella

CON. 11 - Educational statistics and measurement - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 001

New Insights on Students’ Evaluation of Teaching in Italy
Francesca Bassi, Leonardo Grilli, Omar Paccagnella, Carla Rampichini, Roberta Varriale

SOL. 9 - Large dimensional dynamic factor models - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 007

Bayesian Factor--Augmented Dynamic Quantile Vector Autoregression
Mauro Bernardi
Sparse Indirect Inference
Paola Stolfi, Mauro Bernardi, Lea Petrella
Bayesian nonparametric sparse Vector autoregressive models
Monica Billio, Roberto Casarin, Luca Rossini

SOL. 10 - Data science for network data - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 013

Statistical analysis for partially observed multilayered networks
Johan Koskinen, Chiara Broccatelli, Peng Wang, Garry Robins
Marginal modeling of multilateral relational events
Francesco Bartolucci, Stefano Peluso, Antonietta Mira

SOL. 11 - Advanced space-time models & functional analysis for seismic monitoring - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 001

Monitoring the spatial correlation among functional data streams through Morans Index
Antonio Balzanella, Stefano Antonio Gattone, Tonio Di Battista, Elvira Romano, Rosanna Verde

PLENARY SESSION - 30th June, h. 10.15-11.00, room 018

Big Data and Population Processes: A Revolution?
Francesco C. Billari

CON. 13 -Statistics for economics & quantitative risk management for banking&finance -30th June, h.11.30-12.30,room 006

Statistical methods in assessing the equality of income distribution, case study of Poland
Viktoriya Voytsekhovska, Olivier Butzbach

CON. 15 - Estimation and inference for complex models - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 013

Estimation and Inference of Skew Stable distributions using the Multivariate Method of Simulated Quantiles
Paola Stolfi, Mauro Bernardi, Lea Petrella

CON. 17 - Statistical analysis in the social sciences - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 001

Eurostat's methodological network: Skills mapping for a collaborative statistical office
Agne Bikauskaite, Dario Buono
A sampling design for the evaluation of earthquake vulnerability of the residential buildings in Florence
Emilia Rocco, Bruno Bertaccini, Giulia Biagi, Andrea Giommi

SPE. 17 - Nowcasting@work - 30th June, h. 14.15-15.45, room 004

Surfing on quarterly flash estimates XML
Fabio Bacchini

ROUNDTABLE SESSION -Data & information communication in the emerging digital landscape-30 June, h. 15.45-16.45, room 018

Emanuele Baldacci, Marco Castelnuovo, Federico Ferrazza

SIS 2021 - 50th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society