Guidelines for authors & chairs

The 50th Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society will be held via the platform Microsoft Teams managed by the University of Cagliari. The conference is live streaming.

To be included in the conference platform, you receive a mail at the email address you used to register the conference. Please follow the instructions available in this file "Indications for participants and speakers"

Please familiarize with the platform some days before the conference.

If you need assistance, please write an email to:  or call the phone number +39 070/6756881 (available every day from 8:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.)



Please, join the session virtual room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to write in the chat that you are a speaker.

The conference staff will give you rights to share your presentation, but you should not share it until you are requested to do that by the chair. 

Share your presentation and switch on your video and microphone when the chair requests you to do that. When you finish, recall to stop sharing your screen and switch off the micro and the video.

Please follow the instructions available in the at the section "Speaker instructions". 

The times allowed for each type of session are:

 invited specialized sessions (90 min.): 20 minutes for each talk, + 20 minutes for the discussant, + 10 minutes for Q&A

  • invited solicited sessions  (75 min.): 17 minutes for each talk, + 7 minutes for Q&A

  • contributed sessions (75 min.): 14 minutes for each talk, + 5 minutes for Q&A

The language of oral presentation is English

Presentation preparation

Format: please use Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt/*pptx), OpenOffice/LibreOffice, or Adobe PDF

Language: please prepare your slides using the English language.



Follow the indications to the participants to access the programme. Please join the session virtual room at least 15 minutes before your session starts.

Use the chat to identify yourself as the chair, the “technical chair” of the room (conference staff) will give you the rights to chair the session. 

You will receive a table indicating the reference “technical chair”. You will have to interface with him to give the participants permission to speak and, for the technical aspects, the technical chair will take care of it. 

After reading and following the guide for creating the account on Teams "Indications for participants and speakers", contact the technical chair for a possible test.

Sessions should start and finish at the time indicated in the program. 

During the session, if any speaker is missing or has a technical problem, you can pass to the next speaker and come back later to check.

Chairs may briefly introduce the topic of the session (2 minutes maximum), but should refrain from extensive presentations. Practical information should be provided on:

- the time available for the presentations

- the procedure for discussion.

Chairs must ensure that sufficient time for discussion from the floor is available.


The participants may raise their virtual hand to make a question or write it in the chat for you to read it aloud.
If you see in the participant list someone with the hand raised, please give them the floor one by one to make the question. 


Please keep the session on time to be able to close it formally.



The poster session will be organized as follow:
- The posterists have been divided into 3 sessions (please check the programme here). 
- The chair will open the discussion and the participants can ask posterists questions via chat or by raising their hand and speaking.
The posters are available here

Speaker instructions

SIS 2021 - 50th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society