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Short course outline

“Survey Data Integration”

June 7, 2022


Instructor: Jae-kwang Kim (Iowa State University)


Abstract: Incorporating information from several sources is a fundamental problem and opportunity in statistics. In statistical agencies, the desire to exploit and combine information from different sources to obtain an improved (official) statistic is increasing and survey data integration has become an emerging area of research. In this workshop, we review the current state-of-the-art methods for survey data integration and discuss some future research directions.



Part 1 - 9.30-11.00: Survey data integration: Introduction (90 minutes)

Coffee Break (30 minutes) 

Part 2 - 11.30-13.00: Prediction model approach to survey data integration (90 minutes)

Lunch (45 minutes)

Part 3 - 13.45-15.15: Weighting approach to Survey data integration (90 minutes)

Coffee Break (30 minutes)

Part 4 - 15.45-17.15: Advanced topics in survey data integration (90 minutes)

Guided tour of St. Francis Basilica / Assisi (UNESCO World Heritage site) - 17.30-18.30

Short Bio

Jae-kwang Kim is a LAS dean’s professor in Department of Statistics at Iowa State University. He is a fellow of ASA and IMS. His research interest lies in survey sampling and analysis with missing data. He is an author of the book, entitled “Statistical Method for Handling Incomplete data (Second edition)”, co-authored with Jun Shao. 

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