Call for Papers

Before the 5th March 2019 (15th March 2019 for solicited and specialized sessions), we invite you to submit papers related to the topics of interest of the conference. Before the 24th March 2019 you will be informed about the acceptance and the possible revisions required. Then you will have time until the 15th April 2019 to resubmit the revised version. Before the 30th April the Scientific Committee will give you the final acceptance.

Before the 15thof May 2019, if you are still interested in taking part of the conference, you need to be registered. And remember: at least one of the authors of the accepted papers have to register to be included in the final program.

Authors of accepted papers can publish their contribution in the “Book of Short Papers SIS 2019”, with ISBN, edited by members of Local Organizing and Scientific Committee.

Milan, the SIS and Mathesia are waiting for you!


Submission types

The Conference will include plenary, specialized, solicited, contributed and poster sessions.

All the participants presenting in plenary, specialized and solicited sessions are requested to submit a paper of maximum 8 pages (12 for plenary sessions) by March 15, 2019. During the submission process, the authors will be asked to submit the paper to the track associated with their corresponding session.

All the participants who want to be considered for a poster or contributed oral presentation are, instead, requested to submit a short paper between 4 and 6 pages by March 5, 2019, to ensure proper evaluation. The contribution should describe the substantive problem and the data analyzed, as well as the approach and models used. Also, include a clear statement of the main results and conclusions and indicate the most important key references.

Papers are submitted online. Submission of contributed talks and posters are subject to a blind refereeing process.

Author Guidelines

Papers should have the following editorial standards:

  • from 4 to 6 pages for the short paper of contributed sections and posters;
  • do not exceed 8 pages for the papers of specialized and solicited sections;
  • do not exceed 12 pages for the papers of plenary sections.


The papers can be submitted using LaTeX or Word editorial standards.

  • LaTeX template (click here to download the LaTeX template). The LaTeX users need to upload a .zip file containing the .tex file, any image files and the .pdf version of the paper in the submission area.
  • Word template (click here to download the Word template).


Submissions for this conference were closed on 2019-06-17.