Smart poster session

The SIS2019 poster session will be “smart”. 

Authors will be given the chance to add, visualize and show additional contents beyond the text to make their presentation more engaging, interactive and effective. Web connected iPads will be available to authors in high-visible locations in the conference area; authors will be able to use iPads to show their posters and to download other resources and files from the cloud, to enrich the presentation and increase its communicative impact. You can reproduce videos, share data, scripts, pdf documents with links to other local or web resources. 

iPads will be active during the conference, even in absence of the authors, to increase the visibility of the poster session. You are invited to imagine creative ways to share the results of your research and make your presentation more engaging.



  1. In order to easily enjoy the contents and avoid technical problems, you can only load “standard” files (like pdf and csv), videos and pictures… Files can be downloaded from the cloud on the iPad assigned to you, at the beginning of the conference. Search for iPads location in the conference.
  2. Before the 14th of June you can email to Paolo Berta ( a unique file regarding your poster that will be uploaded in the APP conference and that will be shown (AFTER THE RELATIVE POSTER SESSION IS OVER) on iPads during the time of the conference, even if the authors will be not present.


In case of need contact: Marco Fattore (