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Keynote speakers

Imputation for the treatment of item nonresponse in surveys: an overview SLIDES
David Haziza
The future of Statistics: challenges for understanding new phenomena in a rapidly changing world SLIDES
Giorgio Alleva
Sample designs and geospatial information for monitoring agriculture and agri-environment
Elisabetta Carfagna
Analysis of integrated data for Official Statistics SLIDES
Li-Chun Zhang
Total Error Frameworks for Integrating Probability and Nonprobability Data SLIDES
Paul P. Biemer

SPE.1 - Small area estimation using integrated and big data sources

Measuring well-being and poverty at local level using remote sensing data
Ralf Muennich, Christopher Caratiola, Hanna Dieckmann, Max Gerhards, Thomas Udelhoven
Alternative spatial data sources for small area estimation in developing countries SLIDES
Nikos Tzavidis, Angela Luna, Kristine Nilsen, Jessica Steele
Small area poverty indicators adjusted using local price indexes SLIDES
Stefano Marchetti, Gaia Bertarelli, Caterina Giusti, Francesco Schirripa Spagnolo, Monica Pratesi

SPE.2 - Optimal sampling design

Survey design for the estimation of the economic performance of the Italian fisheries sector SLIDES
Paolo Accadia, Federica Piersimoni, Evelina Carmen Sabatella, Dario Pinello
Enhancing small area estimation through spatially balanced designs SLIDES
Maria Simona Andreano, Francesco Pantalone
Optimal spatial sampling design using coupled Gaussian processes
Luigi Ippoliti, Sara Fontanella, Pasquale Valentini

SPE.3 - Machine learning for socio-economic surveys

Machine Learning in Survey Research: Modeling Nonresponse and Completion Conditions from a Prediction Perspective SLIDES
Christoph Kern
Producing contingency table estimates integrating survey data and Big Data SLIDES
Paolo Righi, Giulio Barcaroli, Mariagrazia Rinaldi, Gianpiero Bianchi
Improving Data Validation using Machine Learning SLIDES
Christian Ruiz

SPE.4 - Small area estimation methods: innovations and applied issues

Small area estimation of entropy inequality measures
Maria Rosaria Ferrante, Silvia Pacei
Small domain estimation with calibration methods SLIDES
Risto Lehtonen, Ari Veijanen
Data-driven Transformations for the Estimation of Small Area Means SLIDES
Nora Ulrike Würz, Timo Schmid, Nikos Tzavidis

SPE.5 - Analysis of Official Statistics for decision making

Composite Indicators for Measuring Socio-Economic Phenomena SLIDES
Matteo Mazziotta
Graphical Structural Learning for Complex Survey Data
Daniela Marella, Paola Vicard
Civil justice: a method for assessing efficiency SLIDES
Irene Rocchetti, Maria Filomeno

SPE.6 - Environmental surveys: theoretical and practical issues

Spatial sampling and entropy SLIDES
Daniela Cocchi
Estimating co-occurences index in finite populations SLIDES
Tonio Di Battista, Stefano Antonio Gattone, Francesca Fortuna
Design-based maps for two-phase inventories SLIDES
Sara Franceschi

SPE.7 - Inference from informative and non-probability survey samples

Combining Non-probability and Probability Survey Samples Through Mass Imputation SLIDES
Jae-kwang Kim
Sample Matching and Double Robust Estimation with Non-Probability Samples
Changbao Wu
Data integration of probability and nonprobability samples SLIDES
Jean-François Beaumont

SPE.8 - Spatial sampling and applications

An application of the pivotal method to spatial sampling SLIDES
Guillaume Chauvet
Spatial sampling for the French Master Sample SLIDES
Thomas Merly Alpa
The French National Forest Inventory survey: covering space and time at country level SLIDES
François Morneau, Cédric Véga, Olivier Bouriaud

SPE.9 - Record linkage and statistical matching techniques

Advances in Survey Estimation with Imperfectly-Matched Auxiliary Information SLIDES
Jay Breidt, Chien-Min Huang, Jean Opsomer
A Bayesian approach for multiple regression with linked and deduplicated data SLIDES
Brunero Liseo, Rebecca C. Steorts, Andrea Tancredi
Use of Record Linkage in Official Statistics and Feedbacks on Research SLIDES
Marco Fortini, Tiziana Tuoto

SPE.10 - Sample surveys for sensitive data

The Privacy Protection-Aspect in Surveys for Sensitive Data SLIDES
Andreas Quatember
Estimating anti-immigrant sentiment by item count technique SLIDES
Beatriz Cobo, María del Mar Rueda, Sara Pasadas, Sebastian Rinken
Direct vs Indirect questioning surveys in a cannabis real study SLIDES
Elvira Pelle

SPE.11 - Quality of multi-source statistics

Quality issues in multisource statistics SLIDES
Giovanna Brancato
Estimating population census tables and their accuracy using Multiple Imputation of Latent Classes (MILC) with multi-source data SLIDES
Laura Boeschoten, Sander Scholtus, Ton de Waal, Jacco Daalmans, Jeroen Vermunt
An empirical evaluation of latent class models for multisource statistics SLIDES
Loredana Di Consiglio, Marco Di Zio, Danila Filipponi

SPE.12 - Population size estimation via integration of different sources

Capture-recapture for population size estimation based upon zero-truncated count distributions with one-inflation SLIDES
Dankmar Boehning
Use of latent class models for estimating population size in multiple record systems in presence of missing data SLIDES
Davide Di Cecco
Deduplication and population size estimation SLIDES
Andrea Tancredi, Brunero Liseo

CON.1 - Small area estimation

Borrowing strength from larger surveys to improve related estimates from smaller surveys using bivariate small area estimation models Slides
Carolina Franco, William R Bell
Hierarchical Bayes estimation of unit-level small area log-normal models SLIDES
Aldo Gardini, Carlo Trivisano, Enrico Fabrizi
On the properties of EBP for a class of models with correlated random effects and longitudinal data
Małgorzata Karolina Krzciuk
Variable and Transformation Selection for Mixed Regression Models with Application to Small Area Estimation SLIDES
Natalia Rojas-Perilla, María José Lombardía, Esther López Vizcaíno, Cristina Rueda Sabater
Using the Entropic Distance for Large Area Definition in Small Area Estimation Methods SLIDES
Fabrizio Solari, Livio Fenga
On synthetic median estimator in small area estimation SLIDES
Tomasz Stachurski

CON.2 - Issues in complex surveys

Improving cube method SLIDES
Shoaib Ali
Variance estimation for rotating samples: the case of the EU-SILC survey in Luxembourg SLIDES
Guillaume Osier
Some topics of sampling and estimation on a bipartite graph: the adaptive estimator SLIDES
Martina Patone
Functional Central Limit Theorems for Stratified Single-Stage Sampling Designs. SLIDES
Anne Ruiz-Gazen
On bootstrap for complex sampling designs via sampling scheme modification
Tomasz Żądło

CON.3 - Methods for the analysis of survey data

Evaluation of the impact of mixed mode design on the quality of the estimates of the Aspects of Daily Life social survey SLIDES
Claudia De Vitiis, Alessio Guandalini, Francesca Inglese, Marco Dionisio Terribili
The Marginal Impact of Auxiliary Totals in Calibration SLIDES
Alessio Guandalini, Claudio Ceccarelli
The R-Package ‘surveysd’ SLIDES
Johannes Gussenbauer, Alexander Kowarik, Gregor de Cillia
Mind the mode: lessons from a web survey on household finances SLIDES
Andrea Neri, Romina Gambacorta, Martina Lo Conte, Manuela Murgia, Roberta Rizzi, Francesca Zanichelli
Big Data for Finite Population Inference: Calibrating Pseudo-Weights SLIDES
Ali Rafei, Carol Flannagan, Michael R Elliott
Optimal sampling design with administrative sources for household finance surveys SLIDES
Tiziana Tuoto, Andrea Neri, Giuseppe Ilardi, Giulio Barcaroli

CON.4 - Advances in survey data analysis

Passengers’ Perceptions of Airport Service Quality: A Case Study of Airports of Puglia SLIDES
Rosanna Cataldo, Corrado Crocetta, Maria Gabriella Grassia, Marina Marino
Estimation of population mean under stratified median ranked set sampling using air-quality data SLIDES
Nursel Koyuncu
Simulated geo-coordinates as a general means for regional analysis: theory and examples SLIDES
Ulrich Rendtel
On influence of clustering population on accuracy of vector mean estimator SLIDES
Grzegorz Antoni Sitek, Janusz Leszek Wywiał

CON.5 - Non sampling error

Response burden and data quality in business surveys: the experience of Banca d'Italia SLIDES
Marco Bottone, Lucia Modugno, Andrea Neri
Parametric Estimation and Prediction under Informative Sampling and Nonignorable Nonresponse SLIDES
Abdulhakeem A.A. Eideh
Beyond the sampling errors: the effects of Centralised data collection on Total Survey Errors SLIDES
Pasquale Papa

CON.6 - Real survey data analysis issues

Multilevel time series modeling of mobility trends in the Netherlands for small domains SLIDES
Sumonkanti Das, Harm Jan Boonstra, Jan van den Brakel
Correcting sample biases: an analysis of teaching evaluations
Shira Fano, Rosanna Cataldo, Tiziana Venittelli
Estimation Weights for School Longitudinal Surveys: The case of Geres SLIDES
Gabrielle Alves Palermo Cavalcante

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