Pescara is seaside city that welcomes many visitors during the conference period; for this reason, we suggest you book accommodation in advance.

-For those who want to stay in the city centre

The conference venue is located approximately 3km south of the city centre. For those wishing to stay overnight near the city centre, we recommend the following hotels. It is possible to reach the conference venue by bus starting from Corso Vittorio Emanuele (Click Here to get the bus stop)


Hotel ESPLANADE**** (3,2 Km) - IES2023 Agreement

G Hotel Pescara**** (2,8 Km)

Hotel PLAZA**** (2,7 Km) - IES2023 Agreement

Hotel Victoria**** (3,0 Km)

Hotel ALBA*** (2,9 Km) - IES2023 Agreement

Hotel Ambra Palace*** (3,2 Km) - IES2023 Agreement


Bella Pescara (2,4 Km)

B&B Le Stanze sul Corso (3,0 Km)

B&B Blanc (3,0 Km)

B&B Hotel Pescara (2,0 Km) - IES2023 Agreement

-To stay close to the conference venue

For those wishing to stay overnight near the conference venue, we recommend the following hotels


Hotel SPAZIO RESIDENZA*** - IES2023 Agreement

Hotel REGENT***


BOREA B&B - IES2023 Agreement

Terrazze Dannunziane

- Other accommodations are availible on