The 2017 SIS Conference aims to highlight the crucial role of Statistics in Data Science. The data deluge brings new challenges to modern research, calling for a strong interaction of statistics, machine learning, information and computer science, optimization. Together these fields may lead to significant advances in the analysis of big data, open data, relational and complex data, structured and unstructured data. Statistics, the "grammar of data science", plays a pivotal role in data science.

SIS 2017 will collect contributions from different domains of statistics, concerning quality validation in high dimensional data, sampling extraction, dimensional reduction, pattern recognition, data modeling, hypotheses testing, etc. The Conference will also address the challenges brought by the new generations: the native digital generations, who are called to develop the professional skills of the "data analyst", one of the more request professions of the 21th Century, crossing the rigid disciplinary domains. In this perspective, all the traditional statistical topics will be considered, in interaction with machine learning and computer science.

Contact: sis2017@disia.unifi.it