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The presentations that make up the current and archived conferences on this site have been made open access and are freely available for viewing, for the benefit of authors and interested readers.



NEW!!!! - Abstract/Paper submission: March 10th, 2017
- Authors Notifications: March 31st, 2017
- Final version of accepted contributed papers: April 15th, 2017
- Final version of plenary, specialized and solicited session papers: April 15th, 2017



Beside plenary, specialized, solicited and contributed sessions, the SIS2017 Conference will include both a session of speed-talks by poster presenters and a conventional poster presentation session.

The plenary poster speed-talk session will be held the first day of the Meeting, on June 28th, to provide a brief overview of all posters. Each presenter will have 3 minutes to show his/her work and persuade the audience to come to have a look at poster during the conventional poster session later that day.

The Conventional poster presentation session will be held during the first  evening of the Meeting, on June 28th,  at Palazzo Nonfinito, and a Welcome Aperitif will be offered to all the participants.

A committee will evaluate all posters, and prizes will be awarded for the best posters.

Authors wishing to present a contributed paper or a poster are invited to submit an abstract and a short paper.

The speed-talk session is a popular newcomer to the conference scene, allowing a greater proportion of attendees to personally present their work to a wide audience.

At SIS 2017, each poster presenter will be given a maximum of two minutes on stage to describe his/her poster.

Each presenter must prepare a maximum of 3 slides. No further slides will be displayed. Only .ppt format is allowed. Please, use (if possible) the provided template.
The slides will be on an automatic timer and will be displayed with no break between presenters. The first slide must contain only the title of the poster, the name(s) of the author(s) and it(their) affiliation(s). The first slide will be displayed for 30 seconds.
The second and third slides must summarize the main content of the poster. Each slide will be displayed for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Poster slides must be emailed to by June the 21st .
Please arrive to the room 15 mins before the poster speed session starts and make yourself known to the Chair.

The Session will be held on June 28th at Palazzo Nonfinito.  A Welcome Aperitif will be offered to all the participants.

Poster Presenters are required to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session, to display their posters. Please remove your poster at the end of the session.

- Keep your poster clear and brief with as little text as required to get your main messages across.
- Remember that most people are browsing and therefore reading as they walk so you need to get through to them immediately – hook their attention with a short, sharp title and a strong image or two.
- The required size of poster is 1,50m high X 1,10m wide maximum and it should be printed on a single sheet (not multiple sheets of smaller paper). The poster must be in portrait mode; preferably using color to support communication.
- For the convenience of delegates, all presenters are encouraged to make good quality copies of posters and supplementary information available to those attending their session. These may just reprint the poster (if it is readable at A4 size) or may extend upon it and provide further reading.

A committee will evaluate all posters and prizes will be awarded for the best posters. One prize will also be awarded to the poster most voted by the conference participants.



June is one of the best periods for visiting Florence, and other events will be held in the city in the same period.


You can check in the venue page conference and social events locations. You can take a look on the map here.




Stats under the Stars3 – SuS3 – is the third edition of the event Stats under the Stars.

The aim of the event is to build a bridge between youth and statistics. The first edition was organized in Padova (September 2015) and the second in Salerno (September 2016): they were both successful.

Stats under the Stars3 will be held in Florence during the night between 27 and 28 June 2017 at the Biblioteca delle Oblate, when the participant teams will challenge in the analysis of a dataset. This event represents a meeting opportunity for young statisticians: in this occasion, the utility of statistics as fundamental instrument from the point of view of decisions will emerge.

SuS3 is a satellite event of the SIS 2017 Intermediate conference “Statistics and Data Science: new challenges, new generations”. Moreover, this event is supported by the section of young statisticians of the Italian Statistical Society (y-SIS).

The participation to SuS3 is free of charge. Nevertheless, for organizational reasons, all people interested in participating have to register (deadline May 31, 2017). For more information please visit SuS3 website.



Statistics4@Florence is the 4th Edition of a series of meeting on statistics, which was originally motivated by discussions between the Greek and Italian Statistical community. Our intention is to continue the tradition of these meetings, and extend participation by inviting friends, collaborators and colleagues from the broader statistical community.

Statistics4@Florence which will take place in Florence, Italy, from Monday July 3rd to Wednesday July 5th, 2017.

The meeting will be characterized by informal discussions and exchange of ideas between the participants. The number of participants will be limited to about 40+ people; participation is by invitation.

Some topics of interest are: Categorical Data Analysis, Financial modelling, Forensic statistics, Graphical models, Spatial models, Latent variable models, Longitudinal data, MCMC, Marginal models, Model and variable selection, Nonparametric statistics, Time Series Analysis, Design of Experiments.

For more information, please visit Statistics4@Florence website or contact us.


Start Up Research is a 2-day meeting where small research groups of young scholars, advised by senior researchers with a well-established experience in different areas of Statistics, will be asked to develop innovative methods and models to analyze a common dataset, with the goal of answering scientific questions arising from an applied problem.

This scientific event aims at playing as a stimulator of research. The meeting represents a great opportunity for interaction, sharing ideas and promoting the discussion. As a result, methodological and applied contributions to the statistical literature will be expected following the workshop.

For more information and submission of application, see the Start Up Research website.



REGISTRATION FEES for the SIS2017 Conference

Until May 26

After May 26

Regular fees for SIS members*



Fees for SIS members* whose annual dues are paid up to 2016



Fees for junior associates and PhD students



Regular fees for NON SIS members



* The same registration fees for SIS members apply to regular members of International statistical societies.



- The SIS membership fees for 2017 are not due for all who pay conference fees and whose dues are paid up to 2016.

- A reduction of 40% will apply for fully paid-up SIS members who are employees of institutions supporting SIS. Please contact directly SIS office.

- Non SIS member can join SIS by filling the appropriate form.  Click here to join SIS, register as a member and pay the regular feeS.



- Bank transfer:

SIS, Società Italiana di Statistica
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro,
IBAN: IT 74 X 01005 03215 0000 00012107
Payment reference: SIS2017, First Name and Family Name

Please, ask your bank to make the transfer at no cost for the recipient.

- PayPal (through the Conference registration form)

The registration fees includes participation to all sessions, conference material, coffee breaks, and welcome aperitif.


For more information:




Kindly be at the session room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to meet the chair, transfer your presentation, and familiarize yourself with the technical equipment.

Each session room is equipped with laptop with operating system Windows 7. Using your own laptop for presentation is not possible.

The last presenter of the contributed sessions will act as chair of the session, assuring the respect of the times.

The times allowed for presentations are:
contributed sessions:   
- for sessions with 4 papers, 12 minutes per presentation
- for sessions with 5 papers, 10 minutes per presentation
specialized sessions: 20 minutes per presentation, + 20 minutes for discussant
solicited sessions: 15 minutes per presentation

The language of oral presentation is English, unless otherwise allowed by the session chair.

Presentation preparation

Format: please use Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2010 (*.ppt/*pptx), OpenOffice/LibreOffice, or Adobe PDF to guarantee your presentation will open successfully on an on-site PC.
Fonts and colors: Only fonts which are included in the basic installation of MS-Windows 7 will be available. Use of other fonts not included in Windows can cause the wrong layout/style of your presentation. Please use high contrast lettering and fonts with a minimum size of 16pt and high contrast layouts like light text on dark colors.
please prepare your slides using English language.



The chair of a session is in charge of the good conduct of the particular session during the conference. The following rules of play are meant to help the chair in carrying out this responsibility, and to ensure that all sessions are run in a comparable manner.

1. It is advisable to inform authors of the session about its conduct (e.g. regarding the time available for presentations, the order of presentations, discussion etc.) well in advance. Please check the conference website for the latest schedule. Chairs are invited to contact the authors/presenters of contributions to the session at their earliest convenience, e.g. during registration or around the Coffee breaks, and to verify that the presenters are indeed present at the conference. We recommend keeping to the order of presentations as announced on the conference program.

2. Chairs best invite all presenters to come to the session room 10 minutes before the start of the program for last minute exchanges of information, and to get acquainted with the specific conference facilities in the room. Each session room is equipped with a projector and a laptop with operating system Windows 7.

3. Sessions should start and finish at the time indicated in the program. Note that waiting for a late presenter (or for more audience) is a waste of time! Also note that sessions which run late, create problems elsewhere in the program (also for the technical support staff).4. Chairs may briefly (3 minutes maximum) introduce the topic of the session, but should refrain from extensive presentations. Practical information should be provided on:
-     the time available for the presentations
-     the procedure for discussion.

5. Chairs must ensure that sufficient time for discussion from the floor is available. Note that sessions are not only for presenters, but also for the audience. A lack of time for discussion from the floor is impolite to the audience.

6. At the end of the session, the chair thanks all participants as well as the supporting technical staff.




The Welcome Cocktail will be held at Palazzo Nonfinito, Via del Proconsolo 12, in the city centre, starting at 20.00 on Wednesday 28th. Participants must bring their conference badge and ticket (included in the conference kit) in order to attend the Welcome Party.

During the cocktail, authors will exhibit and present their posters.


The Social Dinner will be held at the Orto Botanico “Giardino dei Semplici” of the University of Florence, Via P.A. Micheli 3, in the centre of Florence, starting at 21.00 on Thursday 29th. The cost of the social dinner is 35€ (not included in the conference fees), and tickets can be obtained from the registration desk. Payment until 12.00 of Thursday 29th.


In order to enable us to better organize your participation to the Conference, you are kindly asked to fill a form for informing us if you intend to attend lunches and welcome cocktail (included in the conference fees). Please also inform us if you (and eventually your accompanying person/s) intend to participate to the social dinner (35 Euros, not included in the conference fees). You can find the form clicking on the following link Please fill the form by June 21.

Do not hesitate to inform us also about your possible dietary request.

For any information you can contact us at



You can download here the proceedingse-book SIS 2017. Statistics and Data Science: new challenges, new generations, Eds. Alessandra Petrucci and Rosanna Verde, Firenze University Press




You can check here the program updates to the SIS2017 sessions.



Dear Participant,

Following the success of the SIS2017 Conference: “Statistics and Data Science: new challenges, new generations”, Springer will be pleased to publish selected papers in a contributed volume titled: “New Statistical Developments in Data Science”, in the series PROMS.

All the authors of contributions presented to the SIS Conference are warmly invited to submit papers, that must be original works not already published. The papers will follow a peer review process.

In order to ensure a timely publication of the book, we would kindly ask you to submit your contribution by sending the pdf file, not later than 31 December 2017, following the instructions below.

Please note that the volume will not be produced by camera-ready offset procedure, but by conventional typesetting. It is therefore of the outmost importance that you keep to this deadline.

The language of publication will be English. Each contribution should be about 12 pages, including tables, illustrations and references. Anyway, longer contributions will be accepted (max 18 pages).

You are kindly invited to prepare your paper following the Springer macros that you will find connecting to

There, you will download the template concerning Word or LateX template for book manuscripts/contributed books, proceedings and similar. This service is obvioulsy free.

We would like to point out the most relevant points that you are kindly invited to consider:

  • Literature citations should be ordered alphabetically at the end of each chapter (References); for citation in the text please indicate the number in square brackets. You will find different examples for a correct citation in the Springer macros, and we kindly ask you to follow this instruction.
  • Color figures will appear in color in the eBook, but may be printed in black and white if not strictly necessary from a scientific perspective. In that case, do not refer to color in the captions and make sure that the main information will still be visible if converted to black and white.
  • Figures and Tables must be reproduced in high resolution, and you must obtain the permission from the owner. Please follow the instructions at the following link:

For the paper submission, please, link to the following URL: and register your account.

It is required to upload abstract and three main keywords in addition to the paper file (pdf).

For the publication of the accepted papers will be requested the tex file of the final versions.

The Editors
Alessandra Petrucci; Filomena Racioppi; Rosanna Verde