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Eurostat's methodological network: Skills mapping for a collaborative statistical office
Agne Bikauskaite, Dario Buono

Last modified: 2017-05-22


Collaboration, interaction and exchange of knowledge among staff are important components for development and enriching of scientific intelligence within a statistical office. Eurostat's methodological network has been built as a skills mapping tool aiming identify inhouse competencies for innovation and affordability of diffusion of knowledge, promotion and modernisation of collaboration on methodological issues, and processes within statistical office. We focus on staff's knowledge and working and academic experience in methodological areas, domains and tools on statistics and econometrics. Quantitative network analysis metrics are used to measure the strengths of existing methodological competencies within Eurostat, to identify groups of people for collaboration in providing results on specific tasks, or characterise areas that are not fully integrated into methodological network. By combining network visualisation and quantitative analysis, we able easily assess competency level for each dimension of interest. Network analysis helps us in making decisions related to improvement of staff communication and collaboration, by building mechanisms for information flows, filling competency gaps. Data represented as mathematical graph makes readily visible general view, absorbs its structure, permits us to focus on persons, competencies and relations between them. Modernisation of ways of working leads to a more cost effective use of existing resources.