Call for Papers

Academics, researchers, PhD students, and practitioners interested in statistical and demography research and the related methodological and applied fields are invited to submit abstracts or organise sessions for the 51st Scientific Meeting of the Italian Statistical Society.


Authors who wish to present a contributed paper or a poster are invited to submit a short paper from 4 to 6 pages, while for invited and specialised session, the limit of pages is from 4 to 12. They have to describe: the substantive problem and the data analysed, as well as the approach and models used. They also have to include a clear statement of the main results and conclusions and indicate the most important key references.

Papers and posters will be included in the program after acceptance.

Papers are submitted online. All submissions, except invited talks, are subject to a blind refereeing process.


Papers can be submitted using LaTeX or Word editorial standards.

  • LaTeX template (click here to download the Latex template)
  • Word template (click here to download the Word template)

Authors who have difficulty downloading the template can try using the right mouse button to save the file. As a last alternative, if the problem persists, they can download the templates at the following link:


Authors who use the LaTeX template are kindly invited to upload a .zip file containing the .tex file, any image files and the .pdf version of the paper in the submission area.

After acceptance of the contributed papers, the Conference Program Committee will confirm the inclusion in the program of the proposed contributed paper sessions.

The accepted paper could be uploaded according to the following editorial standards.

Papers: from 4 up to 6 pages for the short paper of contributed sections and posters, from 4 up to 12 for invited and specialised session papers.


Book of short papers with Pearson

Further information about post-conference submission of papers to a Special Issue of Scientific International Journals will be coming very soon. 


Paper will be sent for referral and processing starting with submissions closing (February 28, 2022). Until papers are assigned to reviewers, they will remain in the "Awaiting assignment" status.


Invited speakers can upload the papers to specialised and solicited sessions. Spontaneous contributions can no longer be submitted.

Click here to submit a paper to specialised and solicited sessions.