University of Florence

June 28, 2017 – June 30, 2017

The 2017 SIS Conference aims to highlight the crucial role of the Statistics in Data Science. In this new domain of "meaning" extracted from the data, the increasing amount of produced and available data in databases, nowadays, has brought new challenges. That involves different fields of statistics, machine learning, information and computer science, optimization, pattern recognition. These afford together a considerable contribute in the analysis of "Big data", open data, relational and complex data, structured and no-structured.

The interest is to collect the contributes which provide from the different domains of Statistics, in the high dimensional data quality validation, sampling extraction, dimensional reduction, pattern selection, data modeling, testing hypotheses and confirming conclusions drawn from the data.

In the mention that statistics is the "grammar of data science", statistics has become a basic skill in data science: it gives right meaning to the data. Still, it isn't replaced by newer techniques from machine learning and other disciplines but it complements them.

The Conference is also addressed to the new challenges of the new generations: the native digital generations, who are called to develop professional skills as "data analyst", one of the more request professionality of the 21th Century, crossing the rigid disciplinary domains of competence. In this perspective, all the traditional statistical topics are admitted with an extension to the related machine learning and computer science ones.

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