SDS 2024

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Statistics and Data Science Conference

SIS - SDS group

11-12 April 2024

University of Palermo

Conference topics

Researchers and practitioners interested in Statistics and Data Science and the related methodological and applied fields are invited to submit papers for the Third Meeting of the Statistics and Data Science group. The interplay between Statistics and Data Science is gaining more and more interest not only for statisticians but also for Physicists and Computer Scientists. We call for papers treating themes related to the modelling and analysis of complex data and proposing new or ad hoc approaches pertaining to the following aims:

Computational Statistics
Data Ethics & Fairness in Machine Learning Data Stream Analysis
Data Visualization
Deep Learning
Dimensional Reduction
Education & Data Literacy
Ensemble methods for classification Explainable AI
Geometrical Data Analysis
Learning with Imbalanced Data
Mining Complex Data
Practice & Applications
Prediction & Classification
Preference Learning
Textual Data Analysis
Unsupervised Models
Variational Inference

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