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Deadlines extension - Call for papers for international “INNOVATION & SOCIETY 2017 Conference. Statistical Methods for Evaluation and Quality (IES2017)"


The abstract/short paper submission is extended to the 18th of April. All papers must be sent EXCLUSIVELY to the following address:

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INNOVATION & SOCIETY 2017 - Statistical Methods for Evaluation and Quality (IES2017)

The Conference Innovation & Society 2017 - Statistical Methods for Evaluation and Quality (IES2017) is the 8th Scientific Meeting of the “Statistics for the Evaluation and Quality of Services Group of the Italian Statistical Society - (SVQS)”. It aims

(i) to offer an overview of statistical approaches and methodologies for the evaluation currently in use in different contexts of services to human society, and

(ii) to contribute to the discussion about the impact of the evaluation on the innovation of such services, involving the various actors of economic and social policies.

To make it as useful and constructive as possible, the Conference is open to the participation of and confrontation with scholars of other disciplines, experts, responsible managers for development policies dealing with the relationships between evaluation, innovation and society.

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