Smart Statistics for Smart Applications

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano

June 18, 2019 – June 21, 2019

We live in a smart world!

Many of us have a smart phone, a smart TV, a smart watch and our cities have the ambition to become soon smart cities. All this smartness makes use of data that are gathered, analyzed and used to make things easier, to take better decisions and ultimately to have a better life. Whether we want to choose the best restaurant, to plan a trip, to compare our health parameters or to decide what is the best moment to buy an air ticket, the apps of our devices collect large quantities of information, summarize them, present them in an easy format and use them to make accurate forecasts. In this process, obviously, they make a large use of statistics. However, are the current statistical methods adequate to this increased demand and increased quantity and variety of data? Are the old paradigms and methods still valid? Are the visualization analytics we used so far still valid? Are current statistical methods smart enough in the increasingly smart world we live in? The conference aims at discussing the state-of-the-art answers to these questions. It also aims at providing a forum where academics, researchers and practitioners could meet to share experiences and to discuss present a future challenges in this area.

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