Open Conference Systems, 50th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society

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Environmental shocks and internal migration in Tanzania
Elena Pirani, Alessandra Petrucci, Maria Francesca Marino

Last modified: 2018-06-04


There is substantial evidence that climate has been changed in recent decades, and this trend will not only persist but will also intensify in the near future. Climate changes are expected to exert additional pressure on areas which mainly rely on agricultural activities and, as result, act as push factors for population movements. Yet understanding the association between migrations flows and changes in climate conditions remains a challenging task, especially in developing countries.

This study aims at examining migration flows across Tanzanian regions. This country represents an interesting case study due to its diversity in terms of agro-climatic conditions and ecological zones, and for the richness of available data on climate conditions. In this respect, we analyze the effect that such conditions have on interregional movements. We focus both on objective and subjective measures of environmental conditions: in particular, we consider temperature and precipitation levels for the former and environmental shocks perceived by Tanzanian households for the latter. In our analysis, we also control for socio-economic characteristics (e.g., education, employment sector, household headed by a woman) and geo-physical features for both the sending and receiving region.

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