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Short and medium term labour market returns of college graduates with a migration background
Jim Allen, Barbara Belfi, Babs Jacobs, Mark Levels, Kars van Oosterhout

Last modified: 2018-05-17


The participation of minorities in Dutch higher education has increased steadily in recent decades, but their short-term labour market returns continue to lag behind those of Dutch graduates. Less is known about the longer-term returns. In this paper we aim to shed light on this question using a longitudinal dataset on Dutch HBO graduates who left education in 2007, 2009, 2010 or 2011, surveyed one year after graduation, and again in 2015 (respectively eight, six, five and four years after graduation). We analyse the effect of migration background on short and medium term returns to education, controlling for gender, socio-economic status, prior education, average grades, and age, and assessing the potential mediating effects of field of study, job preferences and self-reported usefulness of social networks.


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