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Heterogeneous effects of subsidies on farms’ performance: a spatial quantile regression analysis
Marusca De Castris

Last modified: 2018-05-18


Italian agricultural sector is characterized by a wide heterogeneity which can affect the effectiveness of rural policies and, by consequence, economic performances. Indeed, wide differences arise both at farm (i.e. sector, dimension, etc.) and regional levels. In particular, Giannakis and Bruggeman (2015) show how agricultural policies can provide enlarge regional disparities between advanced and lagged regions. In this paper, we analyse the differential impact of the policies by considering Italian lagged regions. The introduction of a Spatial Autoregressive Quantile model allows to take into account both spatial and farm-specific characteristic. Evidences are found in favour of significant and positive spatial spillovers of the policies, especially for the less performing farms.


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