Open Conference Systems, 50th Scientific meeting of the Italian Statistical Society

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Do Social Media Data predict changes in young adults’ employment status? Evidence from Italy.
Andrea Bonanomi

Last modified: 2018-05-25


This study addresses the conditions in which young Italian people find themselves during the acquisition of autonomy and in the active job search via Social Media Data and Digital Behaviours. We focus particularly on NEETs, i.e. young people who are “Not in Education, Employment, or Trainingâ€. The aim of the study is threefold. First, it attempts to identify the target population inferring from their online digital traces; then, it tries to uncover digital behaviours of the community of interest easily accessible from online social platforms, which can then be used as indicators of the most privileged communication channels for unemployment or educational advertising campaigns. Finally, it aims to predict changes in employment status from social media data. We tried to predict the changes in employment status in Neet population based on the digital behaviour (especially on Facebook's likes) that act as predictors. To this extent, we created a new Facebook application, namely LikeYouth, that gathers information regarding public Facebook profile and Likes on Facebook Pages of each user. Data from digital maps are integrated with information on the same subjects obtained from traditional CAWI interviews, obtained within the “Youth Report†funded by the Toniolo Institute for Advances studies.

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