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SOL. 2 - Social research and data science: methods and applications - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 006

Cultural and social meanings of the wedding day. The role of the web communities
Rosanna Cataldo, Maria Gabriella Grassia, Marina Marino, Rocco Mazza, Carlo Natale Lauro

SOL. 3 - Financial data modelling - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 007

A stochastic volatility framework with analytical filtering
Giacomo Bormetti, Roberto Casarin, Fulvio Corsi, Giulia Livieri

SOL. 4 - The use of scanner data for multipurpose consumer price statistics - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 013

Using scanner and CPI data to estimate Italian sub-national PPPs
Tiziana Laureti, Carlo Ferrante, Barbara Dramis

POSTER SPEED-TALK SESSION - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 018

Epidemiological Profile of human rabies in Morocco
Nada Bennani Mechita, Majdouline Obtel, Karim Idrissi Sbai, Rabiaa Lyoussi, Houda Moumni, Abderrahmane Maaroufi, Mustapha Mrabet, Rachid Razine
Impact of therapeutic education on quality life of diabetic patients
Chaib Asmae, Karima Halim, Mohammed El Amine Ragala, Btissame Zarrouq, Badiaa Lyoussi
Tobacco attributable fraction of lung cancer morbidity: An overview of used methods and an estimation for Morocco
Majdouline Obtel, Badiaa Lyoussi, Nabil Tachfouti, Mamunur Rahman Malik, Chakib Nejjari
Inference with the Unscented Kalman Filter and optimization of sigma points
Michela Eugenia Pasetto, Umberto Noè, Alessandra Luati, Dirk Husmeier

CON. 1 - Statistical modeling in healthcare - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 004

Surveillance of congenital malformations in Region Calabria
Andrea Giuseppe De Biase, S. Lopresti
Research on the Risk Factors Accountable for the Occurrence of Degenerative Complications of Type 2 Diabetes in Morocco: Prospective Study.
Badiaa Lyoussi, Zineb Selihi, Mohamed Berraho, Karima El Rhazi, Youness El Achhab, Adiba El Marrakchi, Chakib Nejjari

CON. 2 - Composite and economic indicators - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 007

A comparison between seasonality indices deployed in evaluating unimodal and bimodal patterns
Giovanni Luca Lo Magno, Mauro Ferrante, Stefano De Cantis
Industrial production index and the web: an explorative cointegration analysis
Lisa Crosato, Caterina Liberati, Paolo Mariani, Biancamaria Zavanella

CON. 5 - General latent variable modelling - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 001

Log-mean linear models for causal inference
Monia Lupparelli, Alessandra Mattei

SFdS - Société Française de Statistique - Group Data Mining et Apprentissage - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 018

Prediction of Firm’s Creditworthiness Risk using Feature Selection and Support Vector Machine
Ikram Chairi, Amina El Gennouni, Sarah Zouinina, Abdelouahid Lyhyaoui

ENBIS - European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 018

On the use of predictive methods for ship fuel consumption analysis from massive on-board operational data
Marco Seabra dos Reis, Biagio Palumbo, Antonio Lepore, Ricardo Rendall, Christian Capezza

SPE. 12 - Tensor-based methods for data science - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 001

A fast algorithm for the canonical polyadic decomposition of large tensors
Rémi André, Xavier Luciani, Eric Moreau
Three-way Correspondence Analysis for Ordinal-Nominal Variables
Rosaria Lombardo, Eric J. Beh

ROUNDTABLE SESSION - Let's talk about Data Science - 29th June, h. 11.45-13.00, room 018

Introduction: What we mean by Data Science
Natale Carlo Lauro
Statistical thinking and tools in Data Science
Michele La Rocca

CON. 7 - Statistics for social sciences - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 006

Are Numbers too Large for Kids? Possible Answer in Probable Stories
Monica Bailot, Rina Camporese, Silvia Da Valle, Sara Letardi, Susi Osti

CON. 10 - Graphical models and Bayesian analysis - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 014

Graphical approximation of Best Linear Unbiased Estimators for Extreme Value Distribution Parameters
Antonio Lepore

CON. 11 - Educational statistics and measurement - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 001

Poverty measures to analyse the educational inequality in the OECD Countries
Tommaso Agasisti, Sergio Longobardi, Felice Russo

SOL. 7 - Statistical learning for complex data - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 004

Deep Learning in image analysis and bioinformatics
Pietro Liò

EuADS - Classification and clustering in the era of data science - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 018

Ensemble classification
Berthold Lausen

CON. 12 - Text mining, opinion and sentiment analysis - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 004

An innovative approach for opinion mining: the Plutchick analysis
Massimiliano Giacalone, Antonio Ruoto, Davide Liga, Maria Pilato, Vito Santarcangelo

CON. 13 -Statistics for economics & quantitative risk management for banking&finance -30th June, h.11.30-12.30,room 006

Determination of basis risk multiplier of a borrower default using survival analysis
Alexander Agapitov, Irina Lackaman, Zoya Maksmenko
Dynamic profiling of banking customers: a pseudo-panel study
Caterina Liberati, Lisa Crosato, Paolo Mariani, Biancamaria Zavanella

CON. 14 - Statistical modeling and analysis for complex data problems - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 007

Copula-based segmentation of environmental time series with linear and circular components
Francesco Lagona

CON. 15 - Estimation and inference for complex models - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 013

A Multiscale Approach to Manifold Estimation
Alessandro Lanteri, Mauro Maggioni

CON. 16 - Statistical analysis and modelling of functional data - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 014

Monitoring ship performance via multi-way partial least-squares analysis of functional data
Antonio Lepore, Biagio Palumbo, Christian Capezza

SPE. 18 -AISP:Grabbing elusive populations & demographic behaviors by socialmedia data - 30th June,h.14.15-15.45, r.013

Happy parents' tweets
Letizia Mencarini, Viviana Patti, Mirko Lai, Emilio Sulis