Presentations and Authors

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PLENARY SESSION - 28 June, h. 10.00-11.15, room 018

Emerging challenges in official statistics: new sources, methods and skills
Giorgio Alleva

SOL. 2 - Social research and data science: methods and applications - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 006

Internet of Things and Internet of Emotions: what you can do with Big Data without the survey?
Furio Camillo, Valentina Adorno

POSTER SPEED-TALK SESSION - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 018

Impact of therapeutic education on quality life of diabetic patients
Chaib Asmae, Karima Halim, Mohammed El Amine Ragala, Btissame Zarrouq, Badiaa Lyoussi
A latent space model for multidimensinoal networks
Silvia D'Angelo, Marco Alfò, Thomas Brendan Murphy

CON. 5 - General latent variable modelling - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 001

Dynamic random coefficient based drop-out models for longitudinal responses
Maria Francesca Marino, Marco Alfò

SPE. 1 - Computational methods for high-dimensional and complex data sets - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 004

Robust Statistical Methods for identifying gene Signature of Metastasis in HSCC
Antonino Abbruzzo

SPE. 3 - Big data analytics in banking and finance - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 013

Measuring contagion risk in international banking
Alessandro Spelta, Paolo Giudici, Stefan Avdjiev

SPE. 6 - "Millennials" mobility patterns - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 007

From high school to second level degree: a multi-state model to analyze the Southern University mobility in Italy
Marco Enea, Massimo Attanasio

SPE.7 -Use of administrative databases for performance assessment in social contexts-28th June,h.17.30-19.00, room 013

School principals leadership styles and students achievement: empirical results from a three-step Latent Class Analysis
Tommaso Agasisti, Alex J. Bowers, Mara Soncin

SPE. 12 - Tensor-based methods for data science - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 001

A fast algorithm for the canonical polyadic decomposition of large tensors
Rémi André, Xavier Luciani, Eric Moreau

SPE. 13 - Functional data with complex dependencies - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 004

Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators For Functional Spatial Autoregressive Models
Mohamed-Salem Ahmed, Laurence Broze, Sophie Dabo-Niang, Zied Gharbi

SPE. 14 - S2G Combining big data with sample surveys - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 007

On the use of Google Trend data as covariates in nowcasting: Sampling and modeling issues
Maria Simona Andreano, Roberto Benedetti, Paolo Postiglione, Giovanni Savio

CON. 7 - Statistics for social sciences - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 006

How green advertising can impact on gender different approach towards sustainability
Margaret Antonicelli, Vito Flavio Covella

CON. 8 - Statistical methods for socio-economic analysis - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 007

A spatial decomposition of the change in urban poverty concentration
Francesco Andreoli, Mauro Mussini

CON. 9 - Advances in semi- and non-parametric modeling - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 013

A Bayesian semiparametric model for terrorist networks
Emanuele Aliverti

CON. 11 - Educational statistics and measurement - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 001

Poverty measures to analyse the educational inequality in the OECD Countries
Tommaso Agasisti, Sergio Longobardi, Felice Russo

SOL. 7 - Statistical learning for complex data - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 004

Stratified data: a permutation approach for hypotheses testing
Rosa Arboretti, Eleonora Carrozzo, Luigi Salmaso

SOL. 8 - Massive datasets in astrostatistics: theory & methods - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 006

The raising of astrostatistics
Stefano Andreon

SOL. 11 - Advanced space-time models & functional analysis for seismic monitoring - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 001

Detection of spatio-temporal local structure on seismic data
Marianna Siino, Francisco J. Rodríguez-Cortés, Jorge Mateu, Giada Adelfio

CON. 12 - Text mining, opinion and sentiment analysis - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 004

Crowd and minorities: Is it possible to listen to both? Monitoring rare sentiment and opinion categories about Expo Milano 2015
Marika Arena, Anna Calissano, Simone Vantini

CON. 13 -Statistics for economics & quantitative risk management for banking&finance -30th June, h.11.30-12.30,room 006

Determination of basis risk multiplier of a borrower default using survival analysis
Alexander Agapitov, Irina Lackaman, Zoya Maksmenko
Using administrative data for statistical modeling: an application to tax evasion
Maria Felice Arezzo, Giuseppina Guagnano

CON. 14 - Statistical modeling and analysis for complex data problems - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 007

A clustering algorithm for multivariate big data with correlated components
Giacomo Aletti, Alessandra Micheletti
How to read sustainability reporting through variation’s analysis based on GPI: a comparative econometric approach
Margaret Antonicelli, Vito Flavio Covella

CON. 15 - Estimation and inference for complex models - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 013

Accounting for measurement error in small area models: a study on generosity
Silvia Polettini, Serena Arima

SPE. 19 - Methods & applications for the treatment of BigData in strategic fields - 30th June, h. 14.15-15.45, room 001

Methods and applications for the treatment of Big Data in strategic fields
Antonino Mazzeo, Flora Amato