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SOL. 1 - Social indicators and Big Data - 28 June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 004

Big Data And Social Statistics: the challenge of data quality
Enrico Di Bella

SOL. 4 - The use of scanner data for multipurpose consumer price statistics - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 013

Sampling schemes using scanner data for the consumer price index
Claudia De Vitiis, Alessio Guandalini, Francesca Inglese, Marco Dionisio Terribili
Using scanner and CPI data to estimate Italian sub-national PPPs
Tiziana Laureti, Carlo Ferrante, Barbara Dramis

POSTER SPEED-TALK SESSION - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 018

A latent space model for multidimensinoal networks
Silvia D'Angelo, Marco Alfò, Thomas Brendan Murphy
Epigenome-wide association study and stochastic epigenetic mutation analysis in hepatocellular carcinoma
Davide Gentilini, Giovanni Vitale, Anna Maria Di Blasio, Luisa Bernardinelli

CON. 1 - Statistical modeling in healthcare - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 004

Optimal Ethical Balance for Phase III Trials Planning
Lucio De Capitani, Daniele De Martini
Surveillance of congenital malformations in Region Calabria
Andrea Giuseppe De Biase, S. Lopresti

CON. 2 - Composite and economic indicators - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 007

A comparison between seasonality indices deployed in evaluating unimodal and bimodal patterns
Giovanni Luca Lo Magno, Mauro Ferrante, Stefano De Cantis

CON. 3 - Machine and statistical learning - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 013

Interactive machine learning prediction for budget allocation in digital marketing scenarios
Ermelinda Della Valle, Elena Scardovi, Andrea Iacobucci, Edoardo Tignone
Identifying Meta Communities on Large Networks
Carlo Drago
Growing Happiness: a Model Based Tree
Carmela Cappelli, Rosaria Simone, Francesca Di Iorio

CON. 5 - General latent variable modelling - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 001

Characterising Italian municipalities according to the annual report of the prevention-of-corruption supervisor: a Latent Class approach
Michela Gnaldi, Simone Del Sarto
An ordinal Latent Markov model for the evaluation of health care services
Giorgio Eduardo Montanari, Marco Doretti, Francesco Bartolucci

SPE. 2 - The population register and the integration with the household surveys - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 007

Census and Social Surveys Integrated System
Michele D’Alò, Stefano Falorsi, Andrea Fasulo, Fabrizio Solari

SPE. 4 - GRASPA: Analysis of complex spatial data - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 001

Nonparametric classification for directional data
Marco Di Marzio, Stefania Fensore, Agnese Panzera, Charles C. Taylor

SPE. 5 - Big data and official statistics - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 004

The ESSnet Big Data: Experimental Results
Peter Struijs, Anke Consten, Piet Daas, Marc Debusschere, Maiki Ilves, Boro Nikic, Anna Nowicka, David Salgado, Monica Scannapieco, Nigel Swier
Mining Mobile Phone Data to Detect Urban Areas
Maarten Vanhoof, Stephanie Combes, Marie-Pierre de Bellefon

SPE.7 -Use of administrative databases for performance assessment in social contexts-28th June,h.17.30-19.00, room 013

The Trieste Observatory of cardiovascular disease: an experience of administrative and clinical data integration at a regional level
Giulia Barbati, Francesca Ieva, Francesca Gasperoni, Annamaria Iorio, Gianfranco Sinagra, Andrea Di Lenarda

SPE. 8 - Shape, symbolic and object data - 28th June, h. 17.30-19.00, room 001

Introduction to Symbolic Data Analysis and application to post clustering for comparing and improving clustering methods by the Symbolic Data Table that they induce
Edwin Diday
Clustering landmark-based shapes using information geometry tools
Stefano Antonio Gattone, Angela De Sanctis

SPE. 12 - Tensor-based methods for data science - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 001

A Bayesian oblique factor model with extension to tensor data
Michael Jauch, Paolo Giordani, David B. Dunson

IASC - International Association for Statistical Computing - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 018

Automatic variable and components weighting systems for Fuzzy cmeans of distributional data
Antonio Irpino, Francisco de A. T. De Carvalho, Rosanna Verde

PLENARY SESSION - 29th June, h. 10.30-11.15, room 018

Object Data Driven Discovery
Ian Dryden

SPE. 13 - Functional data with complex dependencies - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 004

Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimators For Functional Spatial Autoregressive Models
Mohamed-Salem Ahmed, Laurence Broze, Sophie Dabo-Niang, Zied Gharbi

CON. 6 - Knowledge extraction and pattern recognition from new data sources - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 004

Measuring tourism from demand side
Stefano De Cantis, Mauro Ferrante, Anna Maria Parroco

CON. 7 - Statistics for social sciences - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 006

Are Numbers too Large for Kids? Possible Answer in Probable Stories
Monica Bailot, Rina Camporese, Silvia Da Valle, Sara Letardi, Susi Osti
Assessing Selectivity in the Estimation of the Causal Effects of Retirement on the Labour Division in the Italian Couples
Maria Gabriella Campolo, Antonino Di Pino

CON. 9 - Advances in semi- and non-parametric modeling - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 013

Non-parametric micro Statistical Matching techniques: some developments
Riccardo D'Alberto, Meri Raggi

SOL. 7 - Statistical learning for complex data - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 004

Three-way compositional data: a multi-stage trilinear decomposition algorithm
Michele Gallo, Violetta Simonacci, Maria Anna Di Palma

SOL. 8 - Massive datasets in astrostatistics: theory & methods - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 006

3D-Radial needless over the Unit Ball
Claudio Durastanti

SOL. 11 - Advanced space-time models & functional analysis for seismic monitoring - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 001

Monitoring the spatial correlation among functional data streams through Morans Index
Antonio Balzanella, Stefano Antonio Gattone, Tonio Di Battista, Elvira Romano, Rosanna Verde

CON. 12 - Text mining, opinion and sentiment analysis - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 004

Social emotional data analysis. The map of Europe
Felicia Pelagalli, Francesca Greco, Enrico De Santis

CON. 16 - Statistical analysis and modelling of functional data - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 014

Functional Biclustering: New Biclustering methods for functional data
Jacopo Di Iorio, Simone Vantini
Functional principal component analysis of quantile curves
Mariantonietta Ruggieri, Francesca Di Salvo, Antonella Plaia