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SOL. 2 - Social research and data science: methods and applications - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 006

Big data for hate speech: new paradigms
Emma Zavarrone, Alessia Forciniti, Guido Ferilli

SOL. 4 - The use of scanner data for multipurpose consumer price statistics - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 013

Estimating Italian inflation using scanner data: results and perspectives
Alessandro Brunetti, Stefania Fatello, Federico Polidoro
Using scanner and CPI data to estimate Italian sub-national PPPs
Tiziana Laureti, Carlo Ferrante, Barbara Dramis
IT Solutions for Analyzing Large-Scale Statistical Datasets: Scanner Data for CPI
Annunziata Fiore, Antonella Simone, Antonino Virgillito

SOL. 6 - New data collection: a tool for mobility and migration - 28th June, h. 11.15-12.30, room 001

Hate speech and prejudice against immigrants in social media
Marcello Bogetti, Cristina Bosco, Massimo Follis, Viviana Patti

POSTER SPEED-TALK SESSION - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 018

A risk index to evaluate the criticality of a product defectiveness
Silvia Facchinetti, Silvia Angela Osmetti

CON. 2 - Composite and economic indicators - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 007

A comparison between seasonality indices deployed in evaluating unimodal and bimodal patterns
Giovanni Luca Lo Magno, Mauro Ferrante, Stefano De Cantis

CON. 4 - Statistical inference and testing procedures - 28th June, h. 14.30-15.30, room 014

Comparison of conditional tests on Poisson data
Francesca Romana Crucinio, Roberto Fontana
Change of Variables theorem to fit Bimodal Distributions
Camilla Ferretti, Piero Ganugi, Francesco Zammori

SPE. 2 - The population register and the integration with the household surveys - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 007

Towards The Register-Based Statistical System: A New Valuable Source For Population Studies
Angela Chieppa, Raffaele Ferrara, Gerardo Gallo, Valeria Tomeo
Census and Social Surveys Integrated System
Michele D’Alò, Stefano Falorsi, Andrea Fasulo, Fabrizio Solari

SPE. 4 - GRASPA: Analysis of complex spatial data - 28th June, h. 15.30-17.00, room 001

Nonparametric classification for directional data
Marco Di Marzio, Stefania Fensore, Agnese Panzera, Charles C. Taylor

SPE. 10 -BigData comes to school: Implications for learning, assessment & research - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 007

INVALSI big data for school system improvement
Michele Cardone, Patrizia Falzetti

SPE. 11 - SIS-Bayes: High-performance algorithms in Bayesian statistics - 29th June, h. 9.00-10.30, room 013

Adaptive MCMC for multiple changepoint analysis with applications to large datasets
Alan Benson, Nial Friel

SPE. 13 - Functional data with complex dependencies - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 004

Quantile Regression for Functional Data
Maria Franco Villoria, Marian Scott

SPE. 16 - CLADAG: Clustering of high-dimensional data - 29th June, h. 14.00-15.30, room 001

Model-based Clustering with Sparse Covariance Matrices
Michael Fop, Brendan Murphy, Luca Scrucca

CON. 6 - Knowledge extraction and pattern recognition from new data sources - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 004

Using GPS Data to Understand Urban Mobility Patterns: An Application to the Florence Metropolitan Area
Chiara Bocci, Daniele Fadda, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Mirco Nanni, Leonardo Piccini
Measuring tourism from demand side
Stefano De Cantis, Mauro Ferrante, Anna Maria Parroco
Space-time clustering for identifying population patterns from smartphone data
Francesco Finazzi, Lucia Paci

CON. 10 - Graphical models and Bayesian analysis - 29th June, h. 16.45-17.45, room 014

Exponential family graphical models and penalizations
Federico Ferraccioli, Livio Finos

SOL. 8 - Massive datasets in astrostatistics: theory & methods - 30th June, h. 9.00-10.15, room 006

Multiple testing of local maxima for detection of peaks on the (celestial) sphere.
Dan Cheng, Valentina Cammarota, Yabebal Fantaye, Domenico Marinucci, Armin Schwartzman

CON. 17 - Statistical analysis in the social sciences - 30th June, h. 11.30-12.30, room 001

Key-indicators for maternity hospitals and newborn readmission in Sicily
Mauro Ferrante, Giovanna Fantaci, Anna Maria Parroco, Anna Maria Milito, Salvatore Scondotto

ROUNDTABLE SESSION -Data & information communication in the emerging digital landscape-30 June, h. 15.45-16.45, room 018

Emanuele Baldacci, Marco Castelnuovo, Federico Ferrazza